Baby Knitting

All at sea


I’ve been desperately holding on, wanting to start my next post with something like “and the bath towels have it!” but at the moment all I can safely say about the election result is that the correct result was the most excitable reaction we got from the baby – maybe a future politician? or the next Nostradamus? I really hope not – and that’s to both options.

Anyway, after scouring the news regularly for nearly four whole days now the only conclusions I can reach are:

– David Dimbleby has amazing stamina.  The man is 71 years old and broadcast through the night for 18 hours straight, Thursday night into Friday morning.  I was in bed by the exit polls and I’m considerably less than half his age.
– The fact that no-one has any idea what’s going to happen is getting increasingly hard on all journalists and political commentators, and seriously repetitive for the rest of us.
– I’m starting to feel sorry for Gordon Brown; sitting in Downing Street knowing that you are in name Prime Minister but will not be in the near future, but without any end date is I think unfairly prolonging the agony.
– and finally – if aliens arrive and, in classic sci-fi style, peep “take me to your leader!”, what do we do?  Will they wait for the end of the negotiations?

Enough of all this shenanigans, let us return with blissful wool-induced semi-somnolence to bask in the prettiness of yarn.

March 060

You see, once upon a time, not so long ago, I saw a very very pretty pattern for a baby blanket.  And I knew in that moment that if I knit said baby blanket there was no way that I was going to part with it.  This was a ‘knit once’ kind of a project and for a baby all mine.

So as cousins, friends, more friends, friends again and cousins again all produced increasing numbers of small people around their kitchen tables I made blankets and Baby Surprise Jackets and cute cardigans, dresses with little sheep on, and all manner of things wonderful and woolly.  But I remembered that blanket and promised myself that the day I had a successful 12 week scan, I would be ordering the yarn for that blanket.

Well it took me a few days more than the 12 week scan to place the order, but in a remarkably short space of time, I was the happy owner of the yarn pack to the Jade Starmore design, Point Reyes.

This is just the yarn pack, and the pattern is in the out of print Pacific Coast Highway.

It’s the perfect fair isle for a land-locked baby pirate.  We have whales blowing spray;

May 106

yachts sailing through a flock of seagulls,
May 105

and lighthouses to keep all the yachts out of trouble!

May 103
It’s knit as a tube so all the two handed knitting is nice and easy and then somehow I will be brave enough to cut the steek and knit a checkerboard edging. 

May 104
For now though I have another three repeats to work through so life may be on the ocean wave for some time to come.

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  • Caroline M 13/05/2010 at 8:20 pm

    That should keep you out of mischief for a while. Once you’ve finished it you’ve really no other option other than to cut it up, it’s of limited use as a tube. I suppose you could always stuff it and use it as a very large cushion if you got cold feet about the scissors but that’s not going to happen is it?

  • Rachel 27/05/2010 at 1:58 am

    Oh wow…this is going to be amazing. I can see why you wouldn’t want to knit it and then give it away. And I’d add on to Caroline’s thought…if you are too scared to steek (as I would be), who says a baby can’t have a tube for a blanket? It would be warm on all sides? Of course now that I think about it, maybe that’s dangerous? Tubes, buttons…see how little I know about babies!