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A life on the ocean wave


I didn’t really mean to go MIA for a week.  I had plans, I had photos and then when I woke up on Sunday morning I realised that I also had a cold.  Nothing more than the average summer cold but when your tried and tested remedy (Lemsip and the occasional slug of port) is out of bounds it hits rather harder.  The boy had to go away for the week as well which left me feeling very sorry for myself.  I’m still a bit snuffly but a million miles better than I was, and I did get some knitting done in the three days I had to take off work (three days! For a cold! I feel like such a big girl’s blouse!)

Anyway, these pictures are mostly from last weekend which was glorious, and sunny and wonderful (please note distinct difference to current climate), and we spent many happy hours lazing in the garden in a little nest of quilts and cushions.

My one picture that has a different photo credit (Dad) comes from earlier this week when, as it was clearly still sunny in Devon, a certain someone was persuaded to do a little light modelling work for the afternoon,

May 164

Mum, with Ishbel (or Ishbel with my mother if you want to focus that way),  For a colour I chose from the internets (Handmaiden Mini Maiden in Topaz) I am so pleased with how well it suits her and full credit to Purlescence yarns for having good colour representation on their website.

My weekend of seaside dreaming started, as many good things do, with a button:
May 142
or three, and ended with a bib
May 163
(or three, but no pictures of those yet).

The buttons were the final finishing touch to baby bear’s little sailor jacket – incidentally the pattern to which is printed in this month’s Knitter magazine if you fancy a peak at it.
May 155

This is the 0-6 month size, with a chest measurement of 18 inches.  It’s not a gauge mistake, and in fact my version is a smidgen larger than the pattern, but given the difference between this and a lot of other smallest size knits I’ve made so far I can’t help but think that this is going to be part of teddy’s wardrobe sooner rather than later. (Note to self, buy teddy).  I’ll let you know how it fits come September.

The yarn on the other hand I cannot rate highly enough.  I’m a big fan of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino but have always been slightly twitchy about the microfibre content because I would rather knit all natural for a little one.  The Sublime Baby DK is merino, cashmere and silk, not a trace of plastic in sight; the colours are gorgeous and I want to knit something for myself in it. 

H and I spent a long time choosing buttons to make the jacket just perfect, much of which was spent giggling over putting little gold anchor buttons on for the truly naval effect.  I think if we’d found some in silver we might just have gone for it but these blue and white stripy efforts give the baby the choice between being the terror of the seas from a law enforcement point of view or something slightly more piratical.
May 150

Given that research into H’s family history (and we’re going back a good while now) suggests that before the family moved from Ireland to Scotland they ran a rather profitable protection racket with a sideline in smuggling, and my family have salt in the blood, my money’s on Mummy’s little pirate.

The babygro, if you’re in the market, is from M&S as part of a five part set that had to come home with me one lunchtime – this one says Cute Whale, and the rest are similarly themed – perfect for our little landlocked boy or girl; if she’s a girl she’ll just get pink trousies to match!

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  • Caroline M 30/05/2010 at 8:36 am

    You could run with the theme of mummy’s little pirate, it works for girlies too.

    My favourite outfit for baby Morris was from Boots, it was a white polo with embroidered crabs and lobsters and a fantastically bright pair of dungarees. I loved it but finally had to admit that he was not the right shape for dungarees, being really long from shoulder to bum meant that they never fitted. It was a sad day when I had to pack those away.

  • Caroline M 30/05/2010 at 8:38 am

    PS – sorry Carrie’s mum – got carried away with baby memories there. You look lovely too.

  • mandycharlie 30/05/2010 at 12:28 pm

    How cute, I love little sailor outfits.

    Your Ishbel looks lovely on your Mum, just the ticket for these hot/cold days.

  • Rachel 31/05/2010 at 10:04 pm

    Look at how happy your Mum is with Ishbel!
    Cute outfit! (and I love that you both picked out the buttons).