The Happy Place


As a continuation of our last pre-baby wedding anniversary, H decided that we should have a little tiny spring holiday and whisked me up to the Lake District for some space, fresh air, and pure escapism from the daily grind.

The boy did good. This is the view from our hotel room:

April 004
It’s on the shores of Ullswater, with grounds that stretch all the way down to the lake, and woodland and daffodils and all sorts of pretty. It is remarkable that we came home and required some considerable effort to tear ourselves away, not just from the lovely hotel but the pretty scenery and the lack of other people. Clearly the pair of us are destined to end up hermits, woolly hermits with nice quilts and stunning cave paintings (H’s work not mine) – actually that sounds pretty good right now!

The compensation is that the garden has been working very hard to put on a welcome home display and following my this year’s resolution to pick my tulips and daffs so that I get to really enjoy them, I recharged two of the vases.

April 297
I’m aiming for some sort of colour scheme but as my tulips are a combination of mixture packs ordered last autumn and whatever re-grew from last year, it’s a constant and pleasant surprise to see what each opens out to be.
April 301
The one in the middle is a Lily tulip, and I think it might be Burgandy.
April 302
The cream with purple flecks might be a re-grow from last year because I know I had some that were pale ivory with lilac edges.
April 299
centre middle is a Parrot tulip called Rococo and I think the one on the right is a Flaming Parrot
April 304
The enormous red tulips are a complete mystery – they grew when we moved in.
April 307
I love the way they have that under-ripe tomato colours in the centre.

H went for a round of golf yesterday afternoon so I set up the sewing machine to finish off another quilt block from this month’s class – folded Flying Geese:

April 315
Mine are clearly pale pearly white geese, with the volcano-enhanced sunset catching the edges of their feathers as they circle the kind of crimson sunset we’ve been seeing over the last week or so.
April 318
One third of the way all done.
April 321
I’ve picked the backing and tacked up each square to quilt as I go with the idea of having each block as finished as possible so that I might actually finish the quilt even with the baby bear giving all possible assistance!

And finally, lucky 21 weeks (ish)
April 244
19 weeks to go, or should that be to grow?

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  • mandycharlie 27/04/2010 at 8:13 pm

    Your geese look beautiful. You are most definitely blooming.

  • Caroline M 28/04/2010 at 2:42 pm

    I fancy being an urban hermit myself. The bump looks good on you, have the two of you been offered a seat on a train yet?

  • Stasher 29/04/2010 at 6:29 pm

    Lovely to see you and your bear or bare bump. If you’v got it flaunt it!