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I am a happy cookie. It is fair to say that my oven gets a decent level of action given my love of baking and H’s love of roast Sunday lunch and so it needs a fairly regular clean.

The slight hitch with that at the moment is that sticking my head in the oven, even with our most environmentally friendly of cleaners is just not an attractive proposition, and something that I’m just not convinced the little bear would appreciate. H was more than happy to step up to oven cleaning duties but frankly when I’m home I’d rather be spending the time chatting and relaxing together ….. so I got a little help – in the form of a man with a van and a wonderful steaming aluminium boiler that came out of the van and sat on the road, smelling ever so faintly of roast beef while it boiled clean everything that could possibly be removed from my oven, my stove, and my cooker hood.

The last thing that I heard as I left for work was the screwdriver taking the back plate off to get to the fan, and H assures me that at one stage the entire oven door came off to be properly cleaned.

I think this might rate as some of the best money I’ve ever spent on this house – it’s so shiny and makes me so happy.

April 136
The hood is clean and shiny
April 135
The hob is probably cleaner than it’s been since we installed it because all of the little gas jets have been cleaned out and all the really awkward little bits. And my oven …
April 138
So shiny!

In other non-cleaning related news it looks like it might be sunny today so if I get home from work early enough I can take some pictures of some of the latest knitting. I sewed some buttons on the baby’s if-it’s-a-girl outfit yesterday and H liked it enough to almost wish that it is a girl just so that she can wear it. We’ve no idea what variety of bear I’m growing, nor will we find out until he/she makes an appearance so we can both just wait and dream.

And finally, Spring appears to have made it. In April. Well you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got. Our primroses, daffs and tulips are all out at the same time and having made the decision after last year that while they all look very pretty in the flower beds, I’m only going to get to see them during the week if I pick them, the vases are full of spring greens and yellows (all my early tulips seem to be yellow for some reason).
April 139

The daff in the middle is a Double Daffodil called Tahiti. With those little extra fiery orange skirts in the centre it is by my own classification that I’ve just made up, a decadent daffodil – and I love it. We have a vase full upstairs on my dressing table and they make me smile every morning.

What is it they say about little things?

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  • Caroline M 18/04/2010 at 5:09 pm

    I wonder if someone would buy me a cooker shining for Christmas? The only thing is that I’d have to clean it first because it’s too shaming as is.