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I’m holding out on you. I have started a little bit of baby knitting for the little bear but I haven’t got the pictures to show it just yet, and to be fair, a lot of my knitting time at the moment has been spent in knitting up the second Banana Monkey sock in time for the recipient’s birthday.

I also cast aside all things woolly on Sunday and curled up in a ball in a patch of sunlight on the sofa to finish off my second quilt square before the next class, which has snuck up on me and is on Saturday.

I’m doing the more novice version of the block of the month club at Quilter’s Den in Warwick; we started in January, and technically we should finish 12 blocks by December, just in time to turn it into a cozy quilt for the winter. How much I actually get done once the baby arrives, who knows – I hear vicious rumours that crafty time is seriously depleted by a stork-shaped fly-past but for the moment I’m choosing to ignore them (those of you that are already mothers may laugh hollowly at my expense!)

The first block, made just as morning sickness started to get its teeth into me, is I think called Mary’s Puzzle or something like that. We made triangle blocks and then chose whatever orientation we like the best.

March 090
I’m contemplating re-sewing the centre seam, but I think I might just be staring at it too much, and I’m pretty certain that in the wider quilt it will pass the ‘dashing past on horseback’ test.

Block number 2 is Tumbling Blocks

March 083

All handsewn using paper piecing. It’s slow going, and intricate, and I loved every bit of it until it came to appliqueing the tumbling pyramid onto the backing which was a bit awkward. I clearly haven’t got to grips with pulling the freezer paper out from underneath at odd angles, but still keeping the nice straight edges, and I fear a few of my points may be slightly more child-safe scissors than razor sharp, but it’s all practice.

What I do know is that I could quite happily have gone on and on adding tumbling blocks and I now have a serious hankering after a Grandmother’s flower garden style hexagon quilt, and some possible options in the stash for a little one ….. I really must get the boy back to working on a time-extender for me; or possibly a super-speed super-power. It would certainly be more use than my current super strong sense of smell which has just picked up a cheese and pickle sandwich, despite the fact that no one in my team is eating one.

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  • Caroline M 18/03/2010 at 7:57 pm

    The other thing you need to factor in is carpal tunnel, I was planning on finishing some applique blocks while on maternity leave but the reality was that by then I couldn’t hold a needle. I was told (afterwards, when it was too late) that it is common in late pregnancy.

    I have someone’s Thimbleberry’s BOM set up in my wardrobe, I think I made all of three before I got sidetracked.

    Got to go – the dog’s eating Lego again

  • mandycharlie 18/03/2010 at 11:25 pm

    Your blocks look wonderful, and no you don’t need to redo the first one. I’ve had to peer at the screen of the computer whilst squinting to try and work out what ‘exactly’ is the error. Its fine Carie.

    I’d forgotten about your sense of smell whilst pregnant, I could smell grapefruits at twenty paces. I don’t normally hanker after grapefruits, I probably eat about three halfs a year,, but with son no.1 I loved the smell of grapefuits, I used to detour past the greengrocers just to have an illicit sniff!