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I’m sat here trying to think of the last time that I went to see a film on its opening weekend and I honestly can’t. The last but one film that I saw at the cinema was Fast and Furious but that had been around for a while by the time we went. I don’t think I’ve ever been that keen to see a film that I was willing to pre-book tickets and endure the potential of hoards of teenage gigglers. Until now.

New Moon opened on Friday. My fan girl status is laid bare -I lasted until Saturday evening, mainly because H was away Friday night.

It is a very lovely adaptation of the book and both H and I really enjoyed it. All of the important scenes from the book have made it into the film, and whilst some things will have more significance if you have read the books, and can see the foreshadowing, it doesn’t make the film unintelligible as a stand-alone entity.

I liked the fact that the pace of the script allowed Bella’s happiness at the beginning of the film to be so clearly established, and her despair when it all gets ripped away is all the more real for it. The scenes where she screams in her nightmares tore into me, it is a portrayal of very naked grief, almost uncomfortable to watch without being able to offer comfort.

H is a big fan of the wolves and I think he may have been hoping for a big vampire-wolf showdown at the end – he’ll just have to wait and see on that one, I’m not saying anything. It was interesting though, I’ve always been more Team Jacob than Team Edward, possibly because Jacob reminds me of my husband, and to see him identify much more strongly with Jacob than Edward makes me think that perhaps I’m not too far off the mark.

We both loved the Volturi and Michael Sheen was perfect as Aro. The bit that really gave me the chills was that the last few films and TV dramas that I have seen Michael Sheen in, he was playing Tony Blair, and a bit of the Blair charisma crept into Aro It can’t be just me who could see Tony Blair as a centuries-old vampire who exercises secret control over the world – a far more scary prospect than Stephanie Meyer could ever have imagined.

There were two moments in our particular viewing that really made me laugh though. The first was the scene where Jacob first takes his shirt off to mop up Bella’s head – cue a wave of teenage giggles, followed by chuckles from the older members of the audience laughing at the teenagers.

The second, I might struggle to explain if you haven’t yet seen the film. Suffice to say that it ends on a cliffhanger, a question is asked and then it fades to black.

As the black hit, and in that one quiet pause before the title music began, there was a sharp intake of breath somewhere behind us, and a girl’s voice groaned “Huuuuuh!” (as in “you can’t be leaving it there!”) – the whole cinema dissolved in a roar of laughter.

Whilst I have been knitting quite a bit recently, it is known only to me and to Ravelry because of the time of year. None of it was simple enough for the cinema, so I dug out some very special yarn, to become a very plain pair of New Moon socks for me.
November 245
Socks that Rock Lightweight in Knitters without Borders – a very Twilightly colourway. This has turned into a full sock since the picture was taken but with the most wonderful time of the year comes the least amount of natural light for photos. Even at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon I was struggling.

I have one more not-so-secret confession. A group of us at work have tentative plans to go to see New Moon, and I’m really quite keen to see it again. I’m certain it doesn’t tip me over the edge of fan girl and into the depths of obsession. After all, how am I going to get the other sock knit if I don’t go?

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  • Caroline M 24/11/2009 at 12:42 pm

    I read this last night and I’ve been smiling at the thought of Carie-as-fangirl all morning.