A sneak peak


My lovely autumnal orange and green and blue and brown quilt is finished. I sewed the label on last night so it’s definitely finished, regardless of whether or not I come across any more tiny little loose threads roaming across the fabric.

I thought about photographing it last night but I’ve spent too long on it to pass it off with a quick night-time photo shoot, and truth be told I got a little more involved in a Barefoot Contessa recipe for French Apple Tart using ready made puff pastry, and ran out of time to do more than enjoy the inaugural cozying up under a new quilt. The apple tart was fantastic and the quilt is warm and soft and now bears the tiniest traces of flaky pastry.

Today has turned out to be perfect, sunny and clear and an ideal day for taking photographs apart from the slight hitch of a job and an office a significant distance from my home.

All is not lost however, because in the middle of last pyjama-weekend I came up with the oh so very cunning plan of turning the leftover blocks into a cushion cover in a similar pattern to the quilt. And here it is:
October 149
I made the front by piecing together the leftover blocks from the front of the quilt, and the back used some offcuts of the backing fabric sewn together in strips, together with more of the main blocks set on their side, and a little bit of leftover edging.
October 161
It’s a pillowcase style cover with no zips or anything fiddly, just two overlapping backs and it’s currently stuffed with one of our sofa cushions because I’ve run out of spare cushion pads of the right size.

Secretly I like the patchwork cushion better than the real sofa cushions (blue, cream and gold stripes of the sort that come with sofas) so maybe I should just gradually cover all of the rest of the cushions and see how that goes down with the master of the house!

Wherever it ends up you can never have too many cushions or quilts for that matter if you want to end up living in a giant fluffy warm nest!

October 155

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  • mandycharlie 16/10/2009 at 10:24 pm

    Gorgeous colours.

  • Caroline M 18/10/2009 at 8:07 am

    I’m given to putting the spare bits on the back, that’s when I find them in time that is. The ones that escape down the back of the sewing table tend to hide for some time.