Pyjama Day


It’s raining. Occasionally the clouds let forth an even more fervent volley of big ploppy drops but for the moment it’s damp, persistent and depressing. And what’s worse, the cherry on the icing on the soggy cake, the bails on the stumps – I have a cold.

It is more definitely a cold and not swine flu so fear not if you’ve seen me face to face recently, although I was finding it hard to resist a quiet ‘oink’ after a rather enthusiastic coughing bout on the train on Friday that saw me surrounded by needling glares.

H and consulted the weather forecast last night and declared today a pajama day. I had to pop out for sustenance and to go to the post office this morning but since I got back we have eaten soup and fresh bread, watched Passengers and Duplicity (both good watching with surprising endings), and I think I’ve drunk my entire body weight in hot honey and lemon. At least I shouldn’t need to worry about getting my five a day today.

I’ve got a rice pudding in the oven and when the boy gets back from the gym we’ve still got 7 Pounds, Grand Torino and The Young Victoria to go.

Meanwhile, I’m curled up with my quilt and the ingredients for a perfect afternoon.
August 053

Saturday sweeties, not one but two new lovely Persephone books, and the start of a new sock.

As I am by and large fairly monogamous when it comes to socks, this means only one thing:
August 013

These ones, now look like this:

August 036

Two socks – yippee! These lovely snuggly socks are the Socktopus club kit. The pattern is Heart and Sole by Ysolda Teague and the yarn is The Yard Yard’s Toddy in Pillar Box Red; the perfect colour for a crazy rainy day.

The construction is very clever; basically you knit the sole of the sock on the bias through a genius combination of increasing and decreasing so that it looks like this
August 025

which although looking a little bizarre in 2D, hugs your arches to make sure it all fits like a, well like a sock!

It’s nye on impossible to take a decent picture of the bottom of your feet, but this is my best effort, which shows how the shaping adapts to your feet.
August 045
The finishing touch is the picot edging at the cuff
August 020
Perfect pyjama day socks!

  • mandycharlie 01/08/2009 at 7:35 pm

    I have firm words with myself, that I mustn’t reply to your every blog post, I do.

    But then,

    even with the best resolve, (because your blog makes me laugh, has such wonderful photo’s or just because your words sing to my soul) I find myself replying.

    I loved The Young Victoria, not because its the best drama film in the world, just because there were moments that I loved, that were personal to her, that were illustrated. Watch out for when and after what moment she baths her favorite dog. (we read about this in Osbourne house and to see it brought to life for us anyway, was amusing)

    I so understand your thoughts about sneezing on the train, I let go of a couple of good sneezes in Waitrose today, if looks good kill. It was only a little bit of fluff up my nose!

    I hope you feel better very soon, I loved the way you have kicked your blankie, (which is a very fine blankie indeed) to take piccies of your socks, even though you are a poorly girl.

    You take care, you may need a drop of whisky in that honey and lemon, it will help you relax and then get a good nights sleep..

    and of course, last but not least,

    I do love your socks, I don’t have a high arch, but I know a girl that does. They look gorgeous.

  • Mary 01/08/2009 at 8:12 pm

    Ooh, those are nice.

    How would I go about getting the pattern? Ravelry’s confusing me – is there something like a Socktopus book? Or do the patterns get released for online purchase to non-sock-club-members after a certain amount of time?

  • Stasher 03/08/2009 at 3:48 pm

    Hope you’re feeling better now. Your description of the rain made me laugh.

    At one stage I looked out, and thought there were two types of rain at the same time, light soggy rain, and huge drops together. Ought we to start a vocabulary for all the different types of rain we have had over the lat few weeks?