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On the way to lunch


Overheard as I nipped out for a salad at lunchtime.

Community Support Officer (CSO) to small boy holding brightly coloured spade and castle bucket (of which I am ever so slightly envious): Are you going to the beach to build a sandcastle?

Small boy: Yes, I’m going with Mummy and Gran, and I’m going to build the biggest sandcastle!

Thoughtful pause

Small boy: Are you going to arrest someone and put them in jail?

CSO (valiantly stifling laughter): Not right now, no.

Small boy: Oh well – maybe later?

Poor child, he really wasn’t quite sure why all the adults around him had creased up in giggles. Oh, and before you think I’m too crazy – I work in Birmingham, possibly the furthest city from the sea in the UK, and yes, we have a beach. It’s fake – if you fancy a trip to see it, all the details are here.