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Sunday snoozing


I spent yesterday afternoon in a happy warm daze; spreadeagled on my pretty blue quilt and endless cushions in the dappled sunshine, relaxed but conscious that this, this is an English summer – however fleeting.
August 161
Our roses are now in full bloom, and, rather overladen with buds, have pulled away from the wall of the house to create a natural arbour across the lawn.
August 087
I’ll have to do something about it soon, and it was in serious need of a good prune but for the moment we’re just enjoying the flowers, the butterflies and the bees.

Did you know that bumblebees have different coloured tails? I had no idea until we saw a poster at Hill Top, and now I have to check out all the bees I see. The ones in our garden have all been white tailed bumblebees so far, but there are quite common red ones and buff ones and ones that are brown all over.

I semi-intentionally planted our garden for butterflies because I think that they are beautiful and at the moment it seems to be paying off – the hebes are a mass of bees, cabbage whites and peacocks and a friend’s buddleia was covered with close to 20 butterflies on Saturday afternoon; a good 10 plus Peacocks

August 152

A Tortoiseshell that I couldn’t get close to, and this Painted Lady that posed for a brief second.
August 154

We went to a wedding on Friday where butterflies were the main theme (pink and lilac ones)
August 143
The weather was perfect, the bride and groom were radiant,
August 133
and most happily perched on the top of their cake (with just a few jokes about the marzipan groom’s vibrant orange hair from the best men).
August 141
In all of this general summer laziness I have been knitting. I finished H’s hot socks on Tuesday and couldn’t decide on which socks to cast on next, so I cast on for two pairs:

August 085
This is the start of a pair of Cookie A’s Kai-Mei socks, from her book Sock Innovation in my handspun sock yarn that started out life as fibre from Freyalynn at Wonderwool.

August 080

And this is the start of a pair of stripy Noro socks – a skein of Kureyon Sock (95 I think), 2.25mm needles, 68 stitches and a colour change every five rows.

They are addictive knitting – as of Saturday afternoon the Kureyon sock looked like this:

August 156

And as the sun started to float down towards the horizon on Sunday afternoon, I was lying flat out on the quilt finishing A Far Cry by Emma Smith (another great Persephone find) whilst wearing two socks:

August 163

Hmm – maybe no-one will notice?


Hot Socks


A combination of a boy tired out from the gym, the lack of available sunlight and a certain inherent inertia on my part have rather delayed the unveiling of the black socks to the world at large.

Happily I have now broken free from the chains of the dreaded cold and can now share with you all H’s latest pair of socks:

August 101
See, black socks, in Regia silk so they are very nice and soft and silky, but none the less; very black.

Ok, Ok, Ok, I think you all know me well enough by now to guess that if I was knitting black socks for man sized feet there had to be a twist somewhere along the line. Mandy guessed the Windowpane socks which are stunning, and which I now have to add to the ‘to knit’ list, but it’s a bit more tricksy than that.

These are a combined inspiration from Pink Lemon Twist’s Melanie’s Hot Rod Socks, and the adaptation that Caroline made. Imagine if you will, your professional business man; smart suit, crisp white shirt, appropriate tie, polished shoes and black socks.

Except, inside his shoes – the socks are on fire:

August 104

I took Melanie’s chart and adapted it to fit well onto a 72st socks and cut out one of the colour changes because that’s all I had in the stash.

The orange and yellow yarn is Opal and all of the yarn came from Web of Wool.

This is the first time that I’ve tried doing any serious amount of colour work in the round on a sock and I was a bit worried that I might over tighten the floats, or that it would just look wobbly and a bit shoddy.

As expected, this is how it looked straight off the needles:

August 057

Wobbly, the odd loose stitch and a bit rubbish – fear not though – all was saved by the marvellous intervention of my iron, a pressing cloth and the sock blockers (fulfilling their genuine purpose for once, rather than just being a photography model!)

I steamed the socks on the wool setting with a spare towel between the socks and the iron plate and then stretched and pulled from both directions to even out the stitches. Finally, the socks went onto the blockers to cool off; et voila:

August 065

Flaming feet!