What day is it again?


Well I know that at one point earlier this week it was Monday and I went to work. And then there was a lot of work and a very tiny bit of sleeping, and some more work and some takeaway dinner, and now I think it is Saturday and I’m very happy that I’m not at work.

I also yawn. A lot.

In the crazy marathon that was last week there have been a few fibre-related activities (mostly on a train). First through the finish line was not a project as such, but the means to a project:
April 062

This is 386 yards of 3-ply Polworth; the first instalment of the Socktopus Fibre Academy (SoFA).

I divided the original 100g of fibre into three equal bumps and spun it worsted-ish style on my Sonata with a decent amount of twist before plying all three together. As is always the way, despite careful division involving the use of digital scales, one bobbin’s worth ended up shorter than the others so I navajoplied the rest which is why there is one big skein and a couple of little ones!
April 068
It turned out about 4ply-weight which is exactly what I was aiming for – yippee. Here’s a random thought – is Navajo plied yarn usually thinner than ordinary 3-ply, or is it just that I’m always Navajo plying the bobbin that didn’t run out which has always been spun thinner than the other two? I suspect the latter!

I should have enough yarn for my planned project – Robin from Kim Hargreaves’ Thrown Together but I’m just slightly worried that it might look like a brownie hat – what do you think?

April 065

Finishing yarn clearly results in a bout of casting-on-itis – this time in blue!

April 075

We have socks:

April 076

(Vanilla pattern, knit during Fast and Furious at the cinema last night)

More socks:

April 077
The second Socktopus Club Project – in a yarn that I love and with hidden surprises.

And this:
April 078

4ply hand dyed Shetland lambswool – colour Ben Cruachan (after the mountain), which is trying to be the very beautiful Blue Gentian scarf, and I think probably failing so I suspect this is destined for the frog pond. Does anyone have any good ideas for 94g of 4ply (the 100g label being rather overly optimistic!)

And now, as it is Easter, we have signs of new life everywhere. H assures me that the tulips have been out all week, but I only got to see them for the first time yesterday:


Happy Easter!

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  • Caroline M 12/04/2009 at 7:25 am

    Happy Easter to you too. I made it all the way as a two project knitter which has surprised me no end.

    Love the yarn, I suspect that you have the right answer to your question there.

  • mandycharlie 12/04/2009 at 12:14 pm

    Happy Easter to both of you. Gorgeous tulips, wonderful socks and very pretty spinning. A very nice Easter present indeed.

  • Rachel 12/04/2009 at 6:23 pm

    Happy Easter to you both! Really like the colors in your new spinning project (I seem to have a fascination with red at the moment!).

    I’ve had one of those works weeks too…I hope yours is better next week and you can stop more frequently and see the beauty popping up all around you!

  • Jackie 20/04/2009 at 1:55 am

    Happy Easter !

    You are always on the move for knitting socks, with great colours.