Knit on with Confidence


and perhaps just a smidgen of faith in yarn miracles!

This week has passed me by in the blogging sense but happily the crazy work that keeps me away from my yarn/camera has given me lots of train knitting time and the lava has been flowing.
March 025

The advantage of having something totally new is that it’s new and shiny and fun to play with. The disadvantage is that if the yarn runs out there isn’t any more this side of a rather large pond.

I had 100g of Noro Silk Garden in a single ball, so when I finished sock number one I weighed it, just to check that I was on schedule.
March 042

Ah. Yes, slight hitch there. The remaining yarn weighed 49 grams so no yarn miracles to be expected there.

I cast on the second sock fully in the knowledge that I probably should have stopped one lava flow sooner on the cuff and that I would have to substitute something else for the toe on the second sock, or have uneven cuffs to make it match.

March 022

I decided to go for the substituted toe look and as of this afternoon, this is how much yarn I had left in the ball:

March 024

I knit and knit, and knit some more, and then knit a bit, and as I started on the toe shaping I started to think that actually, I wouldn’t need too many substitute rows.

And then the miracle happened:

March 055

Alleluia! (cue heavenly chorus)
March 049

I finished the toe. With about a half a yard to spare. There was a slightly hairy moment where I thought I had knit it too short and got very close to ripping back the toe, but after counting, re-counting, and triple-counting the number of repeats, and trying it on, I finally completed the kitchener and darned in the ends.

And just to prove that there was no trickery:
March 040

One sock of 55g and one of 49g – you wouldn’t believe it if you couldn’t see it, surely the knitting muses should have taken the opportunity to smite me for knitting too long a cuff for my feet – actually maybe I shouldn’t say that too loudly!

The lava flow pattern is easily memorised and very well written and I really enjoyed knitting these socks, even if not so volcano-coloured as I anticipated.

March 051

Actually, if I put my feet up and wiggle my toes it’s fairly Vesuvial, with the hottest magma descending down my feet to meet the meadows of pink and green on the cuffs. The colour is Noro Silk Garden Sock 84.

And where are they now? Well where did you expect?

March 056

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  • Pat 10/03/2009 at 10:32 pm


  • mandycharlie 12/03/2009 at 1:30 pm

    Wow, thats a differential of over 10%

    That is incredible. The knitting muses really did have fun whilst you were knitting these socks, could you sense they were about in any way?