You know the moment in any aerobics or yoga class when you’ve been holding a stretch or a position, (or in my case, trying to hold it, crashing over on to the floor in a jumble of flying limbs, picking myself and trying to pretend like nothing happened), and the teacher says “and now, relaaax“, and you’re so exhausted from the falling and the flailing and the trying to do crazy exercise things that you feel like you might just fall asleep? That would be me right now.

I’ve got some time off work now but the ying of the holiday required the yang of a week spent trying to get as much done as humanly possible so that it ‘counts’ for this financial year. I feel as if I’ve been running around in circles for a week and I’m so happy to be spending the time off with family and friends and my pillow!

The knitting has been going around and around in circles too – but in a good way.

First on the needles – after Lava comes Fire:

March 079

This is Part 2 of the Pink Lemon Twist Fire Elements patterns – Fireside. It is billed as the more complicated sock but whilst it looks really complicated and impressive, it’s actually just a simple combination of yarnovers and decreases and the pattern is very memorable so I didn’t need to have the chart in front of me after the first repeat or so.

March 080

It knits up into a wonderful flickery flame texture that happily isn’t lost when the sock stretches out on my foot.

I’ve spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa catching up on some videoed tv from earlier in the week and I’ve almost finished this first sock.

The yarn is Holiday Yarns FlockSock Yarn in Crimson Rioja, which was the gift of the yarn fairy as part of the 2008 Flock Sock Club. It is the perfect colour for this pattern, and was part of the impetus to rescue both patterns off my computer and start knitting!

The first time I took a picture of my ‘at home’ knitting, it looked like this:
March 012

And life ran away with me, and I never got a chance to show it to you. It now looks like this:

March 074

Clearly that’s huge progress! It is the start of the Phyllo Yoked Pullover from Norah Gaughan’s Knitting Nature, with Carie-style tweaks! The original pattern has you knit the front, back and sleeves flat and then join for the yoke but I’ve started the body in the round so that I can put in a little bit of waist shaping along the way – so far, so good!

And finally, no circular motion round-up is complete without news from my Sonata:
March 067

Bobbin 1 of a predicted 3 – having enjoyed the Socktopus Sock Club so much it made perfect sense to join the fibre club! This is Polworth which is a wonderfully fluffy and crinkly fibre that spins like a dream.
March 073
It came as one long length of roving which I divided into three bumps. I’ve then predrafted the bump and spun it up fairly fine with really long colour repeats. The long term plan is to get a barber-pole striped heathery yarn, similar to my handspun sock yarn, that I can use for a hat, or mittens, it all depends how much yarn I get from the roving.

March 072

At the moment I’m aiming for a three-ply 4ply weight and I’m considering Kim Hargreaves’ Robin hat pattern – probably sans bobble though!

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  • Pat 15/03/2009 at 1:22 am

    OMG – what a beautiful sock in progress! The lace pattern is so pretty and your yarn choice is perfect!
    I remember emailing to ask if you were still in Tsock Flock or if you ditched it after last year, and I don’t think you answered – so I’m asking again???? I don’t mean to bug you, but I’m just curious 🙂