Stitched up


My at-home internet has again disappeared down a hole into the ether. We had hard-wired internet on Saturday, we tried to move it to the other computer on Sunday and it wouldn’t go. We tried to move it back to the first computer and it still wouldn’t go. We bribed and corrupted a friend who knows about all things technical to come and have a look at it and he couldn’t make it go.

We are left with the option that (a) a very tiny telephone line failure has happened just outside our house so that the telephone works and the internet doesn’t. This is not as far fetched as it seems; the last time it all disappeared on us it was a fault inches outside our door which meant that BT thought the line was fine and we knew we were calling on a mobile because the phone didn’t work; or (b) something in the vast amounts of wire currently trailed around our home went ping when we moved the cable to the other computer. According to H, the fact that our hard wired gadgets are the most basic possible makes this unlikely as it means that there is less to go wrong. I retain a healthy scepticism about that theory but would be prepared to go with it if the internets would be similarly co-operative.

My contribution to proceedings was to run up and down checking whether the little flashy light had stopped flashing and to scowl at the computer and demand that it pull its finger out and start working. There may have been a teeny foot stamp to accompany the scowl. In my defence, the little flashy light has developed a malevolence that can only be attributed to something capable of independent thought; it will stop flashing for the briefest of moments, just enough time to click the connect button ….. and then die and go back to flashing. I love it not.

All of this separation anxiety did manifest itself in a need to curl up under something lovely – I have spent the weekend sewing, and the Lizard Ridge blanket is as one. I’ll tell more when I can show pictures because it is pretty and soft and warm and I can frequently be found wearing it as a giant shawl!

  • mandycharlie 17/02/2009 at 12:24 pm

    “What, No Piccies!”, 🙁

    You gonna bring it tonight then, you gonna, you gonna, ‘wiggling backside in a waggy tail happy manner’

  • mandycharlie 18/02/2009 at 12:48 am

    It should have been the pink!