Three of the best


Fear not gentle reader, lest it appear that my recent forays into spinning (mmm! spinning) and quilting (oooh, quilting) have destracted me from my true purpose in life; the knitting of Noro Lizard Ridge squares; for it has not:

January 209

These three may be in the running for my most favourite squares of all – my favourite kind of burnt orange, velvety purple, olive green and a splash of lime – what’s not to like?

January 210

What is perhaps not at first apparent is that these are all the same colour – Noro 185 – a colourway so wonderful that we bought it twice; at least, we bought two balls, the only time we did a ‘repeat’ when shopping Stateside.

The great tragedy of this colour is that Noro don’t supply it to the UK. How could they deprive us so unfairly – it’s probably the first Kureyon that I’ve seriously considered knitting a garment from as opposed to hats, scarves and blankets. I’m going to have to start petitioning Noro- it’s really the only way.

Given that I seem to have been naming my squares as I go along, I spent some time watching the yarn and waiting for the associations to jump out at me and as I did that I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was something to do with wine. Sure, there was a deep purple, and a claret red, but where did the orange fit in, and the lime splash wasn’t really leaf green.

And then it struck me. I’ve been stalking Holiday Yarns’ website (formerly Vancalcar Estates – purveyors of the Tsock Tsarina’s routes to madness, sorry I mean sock kits) waiting for the right moment in the family fortunes to place a little order (and watching the pound crash against the dollar in the meantime) and the colours of the Noro are the colours of one of the socks that my mouse hovers over every time.

The name of these three squares …. is Vintage.

(PS – I placed the order – it seemed only fitting. Also my mouse hand may have slipped over Poseidon and the Nine Tailors – yippee!!)

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  • Caroline M 26/01/2009 at 11:38 am

    I like the colours each on their own, I like them together but I don’t think I’d want it in a sweater.

    Nine Tailors, what can I say? I have Tsock six and a Tsuspense standing between it and me.

  • Kay-From the Back Yard 26/01/2009 at 4:07 pm

    That’s one of the best colorways in the Noro line. Must be the complimentary orange and purple colors. I made socks out of it: