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Cross Stitch

The frozen wastelands


I have returned from a place quite north of here, a place of hills and howling breezes that pierce you to the core with their icy touch. I have worn a hat almost constantly (including being both inside and being in bed) since Friday night.

We’ve been in Scotland. Edinburgh to be precise, a place of

November 179
Unexpected Christmas trees
November 180
Lots of cake (to keep out the cold)(NB Florentines good, Black Forest Cupcake not memorable)
November 183

Great pub signs, and even better,

November 181
Great street names – I would love to know how this flight got its name – it isn’t colour and there didn’t seem to be any grass around!

We went salsa dancing
November 173

In matching outfits and H and I rapidly alternated between quasi salsa and quasi irish jig while Lulla showed everyone how it was done.
Lulla had a fabulous party with lots of friends and improbable cocktails (and as the designated driver I coaxed the bar staff into inventing some booze-free versions of the exciting ones).
And finally, there was a little birthday present time:
I think it was a hit! Certainly it only took about 10 mins to have decided where to put it (top of the stairs so it’s the first thing you see when you come in) and another 5 for H to have put it up for her:
November 194
The parents-in-law did a great job on the framing, the two mount cards are pearlescent so the whole thing shimmers and it fits with the latest evidence of my MIL’s activities:

November 199
Ladies who eat ice-cream, or possibly candyfloss. The family suggestion is that Lulla is in the middle in green, I’m the one in orange because I love orange and Belle is in her favourite pink. Whoever they are they’re a good sight warmer than we’ve all been this weekend, Lulla kept forgetting to turn the heating on as she’s usually out during the day so we were double wrapped at all times. The dressing gown she’s wearing isn’t because it’s morning but for warmth and if you could see me I’m wearing a t-shirt, a wool sweater, my Kauni cardigan, my Icarus shawl and an alpaca hat. And I’m shivvvvvvering!