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It’s that time of year again. We went to a fireworks display at the sports club on Friday night and today we attempted to fulfil our yearly tradition of trying to blow up the field next to Dan’s house.

This was our contribution to the party:

November 064

And by the time we added in the ‘few bits and bobs’ that Dan had acquired during the week:
November 079

November 080

We had several hours of fireworks to look forward to. Mother Nature intervened though in the form of an ‘on shore’ breeze, blowing the fireworks rapidly towards the house, followed by torrential rain. We’ve fired off about a third and left the rest for another day to extend the fun.

To make up for it we repaired to the kitchen by the Aga to eat this:
November 067

Bonfire cake:
November 069

November 071

I can’t claim credit for the idea – it comes from Annie Bell’s Gorgeous Cakes, but the execution was delicious.

And finally, regular readers of this blog will know that visits to Dan’s usually involve kittens. He has just the one this year, working title, Biggles:

November 073

November 076

November 082

November 083

November 086

Mandy are you still sure you can hold out against the cuteness of this little one?