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Baby Knitting



H’s newest cousin, most likely to be the last of this generation in either of our families, was born two hours ago in Glasgow. He is a longed for second baby boy for this Aunt and Uncle, 7lb 9 oz and he has a beautiful and unusual Italian name. To us, his name is Danny.

There’s just one slight hitch:

November 011

I’ve been defeated by a baby. We are missing a leg and a half of trouser, two braces, seven buttons and a pom pom. I could quote in my defence the three BSJs which were warmly received by my colleagues as they took their bumps on maternity leave last Friday, and the never ending black hole of topstitching that I find myself in, but that isn’t really the point.

So, new plan. (A) I will knit more furiously than ever during train rides and possibly lunchtimes, with the aim of getting the outfit finished as soon as possible, possibly Tuesday knit night. (B) if I can persuade H that sandwiches are a delightful alternative to dinner then I can sew each night until the embroidery is done. Lulla’s flight arrives 10am Friday by which point I must be finished and the embroidery hidden. I reckon that I can wash it and spread it out on his back seat as he drives up the motorway on 11th so that should be OK. Now, where did I put the pro plus?

In today’s films to embroider by I give you Road to Christmas, a 2006 made for TV film that somehow ended up on Movies 24 on 2 November – yes I’m not sure why either. I found it to be a slightly fresher version of all of the films which take their cue from that nightmare where you’re running and trying to get somewhere but you just can’t move, eg parts of the first Home Alone, Forces of Nature and others. As with all films where the lead actor is not the man who is supposed to be marrying the lead actress, the latter hardly featuring until the end, you know that some kind of plot device is going to crop up to make sure that they all end up with the right people, and this is no exception. It was a little more original than H and I originally guessed and we enjoyed it enough to miss the first 15 minutes of the Celtic v Hearts match which is a recommendation in itself.

Cross Stitch

Dark and Stormy


It’s a bit of a wild night here at the moment – our forecast was for sunny intervals but this afternoon the clouds scudded in and built up into a veritable hooley, with horizontal rain battering at the windows.

It’s a noise that reminds me instantly of my childhood in the westcountry, that feeling of having battened down the hatches to ride out the storm.

Having run some chores this morning I settled down to a day of hard stitching in my final weekend to get my SIL’s embroidery finished in time for her birthday and before she comes to stay next Friday. I had wanted to get all of the basic cross stitch finished this week but a combination of over work and more over work put that idea out of the window.

It is finally done, and now on the big unwieldy frame for the metallic thread, the beading and the backstitch. This is how it looked at the preprinking stage:

November 001

Some way to go as you see!

Today’s stitching was accompanied by a whole raft of different films and TV. I started with The Battle of the River Plate which is a lovely classic, with lots of shots of real ships at sea, and some very poignant moments between a British Merchant Captain, and the Captain of the Graf Spee. By way of potted summary, it’s based on a true story, the Graf Spee was causing no end of havoc to the Navy so they went in search, when HMS Ajax, Achilles and Exeter found her they conned here into believing they were bigger than they were, damaged her in turn and forced her to seek shelter in Montevideo where the Captain (presented as an honourable man) scuttles his ship rather than hand her over to the British. I’ve watched it time and time again, usually at Christmas and it never looses it’s charm.

In contract, film number 2, High Society was new to me, although many of the Cole Porter songs were familiar, especially Who wants to be a millionaire? It’s a very easy going, predictable storyline; girl is to be married to second husband, first husband still loves here, so does the new boy on the scene, she becomes a changed person (after getting terribly drunk) and re-married the first husband. Other spare members of cast also appear to be getting together. The high point is the cast, which includes Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, so the singing is great. It’s not a film that I think I could watch without doing anything else at the same time though.

And finally, Brideshead Revisited (the TV version). It’s been repeated on ITV2 or 3 over the last few Saturdays and I’ve been collecting the episodes up to watch, today was the finale. As a piece of writing I find it incredibly, well incredibly something, I’m not quite sure what the word is, possibly incredibly moving, I just find that if I watch it or read it it stays with me for the rest of the day! No potted history here – it just can’t be done in a paragraph but I highly recommend it.

Now as it’s past midnight I’ve missed the first day to try NaNoBloMo but as I haven’t been to sleep yet, perhaps you’ll let me off. If the next few weeks are anything like the ones just gone I’ll be lucky not to fall off by Tuesday.