The uninvented hat


Is it determination, perseverance, stubbornness or obstinacy that meant I knit most of a baby sweater when my instincts told me that it wasn’t good enough?

Having spent the weekend in careful consideration (and doing a lot of cross stitch) the edict has been issued:
October 172

Ribbit, ribbit:
October 173

No more baby stripes. It just didn’t have the wow factor, and you can buy mediocre from a shop, I don’t need to knit it. I am also reassuring myself that it is OK that my secretary, who works with me every day, is getting 2 jackets, and another colleague, who I am friendly with, but who works on a different floor, is just getting the one.

I just need to finish the tip-to-toe outfit for Baby K and the baby knitting will be done. Hurrah.

In feverish anticipation of being able to knit exactly what I want to knit, and not to any sort of timetable, I cast on this:
October 178

The Silver Birch hat from Colinette’s Arboretum book, which, together with the yarn, was a birthday present from H this year. It seems only appropriate to make it this season’s hat (and I have enough yarn to knit a hat to match, but more on that later). It’s knit with Tao (in Florentina) and Parisienne doubled up (in Blue Jay). Together they are ‘Ariel the little Disney mermaid does classy hat’ colour. Seriously, compare the colours of this website to the picture.

The combined fabric is warm and soft and drapey – imagine kid silk haze with a lot more silk – anyone drooling yet.

It was only as I sat knitting away tonight that I noticed that what I am in fact knitting is a very beautiful version of our mystery autumn leaves – who says there’s any such thing as a new idea?

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  • Caroline M 22/10/2008 at 7:51 am

    It was the kindest thing to do with the baby sweater, just because it was nearly finished didn’t mean that it had to BE finished.

  • Kay-From the Back Yard 22/10/2008 at 11:49 am

    Frogging is better than leaving it in a bag in the closet. Now how would I know that?