The show’s not over …


… until the buttons are sewn on and the Munchkin Baby Jacket added to my ever-increasing pile of baby clothes.

A root around the button tin for the extra buttons which I bought for the rainbow baby and a quick shopping trip at lunchtime produced four choices:
October 093

From left to right: wave buttons – they have a dark blue swirl on them; wooden carved ladybirds; turquoise buttons; mother of pearl buttons.

A quick consultation with my button expert (he who rejected everything in the button tin yesterday), narrowed it down to two:
October 080

Ladybirds, or
October 090

turquoise; ladybirds or turquoise? The ladybirds are cute and neutral but the turquoise exactly matches the blue stripes in the knitting and are big and manly for this little baby boy. Ladybirds or turquoise?

I couldn’t decide, H couldn’t decide; the munchkin pumpkin, still sat on my study shelf, expressed no noticeable opinion.

In the end though, the decision was made for me. By this:October 094

Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t know what I’m knitting! This is the final one though, I promise. The turquoise buttons, chosen with a fuggy coldy head in my lunchhour, with none of the yarn with me, are an exact match for Colinette Cadenza in Blue Jay.
October 095

They even match down to the variegations in the yarn. It’s the icing on the (woolly) fairy cake.
October 096

And maybe it is appropriate that ladybirds are crawling all over a pumpkin!

October 116

PS. For Dad, who very gamely reads the ‘technical knitting stuff’ every post, with very little concept of what I’m talking about, these pictures are more in your line of photography than knitwear:

October 078
Sunset setting
October 076
Dusk setting.

Both equally beautiful. The real thing was somewhere between the two – a molten gold sky.

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  • Rachel 13/10/2008 at 1:15 am

    I’m about to embark on knitting the same thing for multiple babies too (3 of them)! I’m going with a toy though so we’ll see if I’m insane at the end of it!

    I like the button choices–I was going to pick the ladybugs for the orange jacket before I saw that’s what you did!