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I have now recovered sufficiently from my cold-of-doom to rise from my sofa-of-sickness where I spent Saturday and parts of Sunday languishing in a very Edwardian way and having my fevered brow tended to by my ever-attentive husband. I should have been draped in a frilly white nightgown and hazy penoir but instead I was wearing pink flowery pyjamas and the loving husband tucked me up with a spare duvet and went to play hockey; so near and yet so far.

Anyway, it was a gorgeously sunny weekend and as you can see, the leaves are starting to turn.
October 117
Thanks to a few autumnal blows we have a lot of leaves down already. In fact there is a substantial tide of yellowy-green washed up on our patio.
October 141

I know I should sweep it up but (a) it’s pretty; (b) a whole load more leaves are going to fall before winter and it would be more economical to do one big sweep at the end; and, (c) it’s much warmer and just as fun as the real sea to go paddling in:

October 143

And of course, if you’re playing in the leaves, you might just find the prettiest ever leaf – it’s rather like playing with pretty pebbles.

October 144

Clearly all these colours outside have been influencing my cooking:

October 126

Can you guess what it is?

October 131
Forget co-ordinating jelly beans to socks, now I can co-ordinate ingredients to leaves! The cooking in question appears to have been consumed before photography could be attempted but then you know what I made – it says so on the tin. I add 1tsp ground ginger and the zest of half a lemon for zing and rapidity of consumption speaks for itself.

Underneath all of the leaves there are still signs of summer, this is Lillian Annetts giving a final flourish:

October 151

And the delicate beauty of another fuchsia, Angela Dawn:

October 154

The most recent addition, and the most striking is this:
October 150

And I have no idea what it is. I think it came from a pack of mixed white summer bulbs but I can only go as far as “it isn’t a gladioli” which was the only one in the mixture that I really recognised.

Close up it has these wonderful magenta sploshes that look as though two very tiny wheels have run through a purple puddle.

October 148

Does anyone know what it is?

October 145

I was down at ground level, and able to see into flowers, because I have been planting out the tulips for the early spring. They have wonderful names – Queen of the Night which is the same dark magenta as that flower centre; Shirley, a creamy yellow dipped in crushed raspberries; Purissima, a classic ivory; Flaming Parrott, a frilly tulip, butter-coloured with flame red splashes; Monsella, a golden yellow with red pencilled stocking lines up the back of each petal; and Carneval de Nice, a red and white humbug.

Hopefully at least some of them will come up in the new year to lighten the darkness.

And finally, H would like me to show you this:

October 137

He informs me that this is only the third or fourth time that he has EVER got a 180 at darts. We have taken several photos to prove this achievement to future generations.

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  • mandycharlie 13/10/2008 at 10:27 pm

    Glad your feeling better. Going back to the Munchkin Baby Jacket, the ladybird buttons really ‘light up’ with the orange wool through them.

  • Caroline M 13/10/2008 at 10:49 pm

    I think you have it covered with “not a gladioli”. I can think of a lot of other things that it isn’t but I’m afraid I’m not good with what it is. I’m good on edibles but that isn’t one of them.

    We all have colds too but I haven’t reached the settee stage. I’m not allowed to be that sick because meals and laundry still need to be done.

  • JL 14/10/2008 at 1:56 am

    Let’s kick the cold-bugs out of your house. Hope u r feeling better now.

    O my, look at those leaves, love it, a nice scene.

    do u grow those plant/flower ? They are lovely.

    We can only grow catus at our windon bay.