Is there really ever too much of a good thing? Last year when I knit three identical large baby blankets several people asked me whether I was sick of the pattern and yet I know I’d knit it again for a baby who I know would treasure it.

With the horde of babies about to descend I am returning again and again to the old faithful baby surprise jacket. It’s chief charms are that it’s a quick knit and one to use beautiful stripy sock yarn for the brightest and best effect. And you get to choose buttons.

I said yesterday that I had abandonned the one armed bandit in favour of the comfort of repetitive garter stitch which was probably an indication of the delightful cold I am starting to grow today – most of my team have got the same tickly throat so we think we should have quarrantined my boss after his children went back to school.

However, an evening curled up on the sofa means that I’ve finished the latest BSJ!

October 054

This yarn, Regia Square 6ply in Clown (1125) from Web of Wool, is the same yarn that I used for the very first Baby Surprise Jacket, which was called ‘Baby Surprise Jacket’. I can’t use that again and so far we’ve had Pink Baby and Rainbow Baby so I was thinking towards Orange Baby when I came across this in Sainsbury’s:

October 060

It’s a perfect colour match and the whole ensemble just glows.

October 056

So; Pumpkin Baby? Squash Baby? Baby Baby? Nope. Much better than that:

October 064
It’s the Munchkin Baby Surprise! All it needs now is the buttons.

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  • Caroline M 10/10/2008 at 7:29 am

    Isn’t that sweet? (both the BSJ and the pumpkin)

    Somewhere I have a BSJ that needs sewing up, hardly a big job, and two more that still need buttons. I’m just not good with buttons at all.