Glass brim full


It’s been a good weekend.

We got off to a good start when My Favourite Baby and his parents came to visit on Saturday. MFB is now 6 months old and all cuddles and giggles and fish impersonations that we think are him trying to blow kisses. If you tickle him he wiggles his feet and gives you a beaming smile – it’s unbelievably cute.

His parents are dear friends and we had a great time catching up with them. Quite how the topic of conversation got round to Scalextrics I’m not sure; and how we got from there to setting up our Scalextric track around the lounge floor is another mystery, but you know you aren’t really grown up when all four of you are sat on the floor (in the dark because the cars light up) watching the cars go round while the baby sleeps upstairs.

We were planning to play golf with friends on Sunday but it was weather for frogs and submariners so we rounded them up and played Wii Sports Golf instead (and Scalextrics!). The highpoint in all of this silly merriment was the priceless moment when H carefully speared a roast potato with the carving fork, lifted up to transfer it to his plate – and it slid off the fork and plopped accurately into my (full) wineglass. I can now tell you that roast potatoes are enhanced by a dressing of white wine, but I’m not sure I could say that the reverse is true.

All of this sounds far too good to be true, but there is more – there is cake:

October 036

And more cake. H made a special request of sorts on Friday. He is studying hard for some exceptionally boring exams and when I e-mailed him on Friday to ask something trivial and to see how he was getting on I fear it had affected his brain. The response read: “I want to sit on a little fluffy gold cloud”. I thought that he might be on to something there but he made it clear that it was a condition of little fluffy gold cloud land that I bring cake if I was to come too.

“What flavour cake?”


His wish is my command (at least when it comes to cake):
October 032

And if you think that looks enticing – look at the inside:

October 035
That is a six egg sponge cake, divided into six portions and coloured individually. I then layered each colour into two cake tins – one yellow, then orange, then red and the other violet, then indigo, then blue, and the buttercream in the middle is dyed green.

It’s all done with Supercook colours and the orange and indigo are slightly disappointing – the orange is pretty much red apart from a bit at the very far left that looks slightly lighter, and the indigo is just speckled black and blue, rather than being properly dark blue. The violet, which is red and blue, mixed quite well but I think I need to invest in some proper food colours. They would be good for yarn dying too.

Needless to say, H is thrilled with the cake.

The mixed bag of jelly beans helped me match up all sorts of things too:
October 022

Gumdrops socks in the Goody Goody colourway – it seemed only appropriate. My order from Blue Moon arrived on Friday so I finally finished these socks, just in time for the new kit which arrived on Thursday (and is beautiful):
October 021

These are a great pattern and a comfortable fit – I’d like to do a pair in Jitterbug for my MIL but I’m a bit cautious about the yardage. She does have smaller feet than me so we might be OK.

And just in case the sugary overload is all too saccharine – here is a palate cleanser:

October 027

Autumn sunflowers – maybe next year mine will grow!

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  • JL 07/10/2008 at 2:12 am

    Makes me feel hungry looking at those yummy treats, and great looking socks.

  • Kay-From the Back Yard 07/10/2008 at 3:16 am

    Your socks are beautiful! And now I’m hungry for cake.

  • Caroline M 07/10/2008 at 7:26 am

    I love the outside of the rainbow cake but the inside? Not so much. You can dye yarn with Supacook, just add a bit of vinegar. The red is very good, the blue rather blah.

  • Rachel 08/10/2008 at 6:08 am

    Wow–that is some seriously colorful cake!

    And another amazing pair of socks…I love all these patterns you are doing!