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Another weekend, another wedding. We’ve just got back from attending H’s cousin’s wedding oop north and I am delighted to say that we have now finished the marathon of ‘weddings we have been to’.

The wedding was a blur of uncles and aunts and cousins, only a few of whom I had met before, and then it was at our wedding but I feel I have got a little bit more of an idea as to who is who. H has 15 sets of uncles and aunts and around 40 cousins. He can name all of the uncles and aunts on a good day and about a third of the cousins so you get an idea of what I’m trying to get to grips with!

Being nothing if not consistent, my knitting for the weekend was this:

Another BSJ, this time a more successful interpretation of gender neutral. The multicoloured yarn is some Opal which I had leftover from making these socks; I have no idea what the colour is but it’s pretty. When that ran out I switched to green Baby Cashmerino which picks up the flecks of green in the Opal. All I need now are some buttons.

The flower is from the wedding, each lady was given a white flower to wear, and each gentleman wore a red buttonhole.

As a little extra, this is my favourite picture from Saturday: