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Hopscotch in the Park


Sunday is a day of rest. Occasionally, rarely, it is in the UK a day of peerless sunshine in which everything becomes bathed in a golden glow and the world slows down for the afternoon, fulfilling every criteria for English rural life, including the ice-cream van.

Anxious not to waste any part of this unexpected gift Mary and I abandoned our respective other halves and headed to the park for a little tea, a little cake and a little knitting. We had ice-cream and hot chocolate and basked in the sunshine on a bench up above the river and watched people passing by, people sculling precariously up the khaki muddy river, and knit socks, second socks to be precise; Mary a warm heathery blue pair for toasty toes in the winter and me, well Hopscotch:
September 165
I meant to blog about these socks part way through creation but as is so often the case, the blog post was in my mind but never actually made it onto the ‘page’. These socks are the fifth installment of the Socktopus Sock Club, started as I headed down to the second spinning class on the 14th, knit on a business trip to London on Monday, knit with the girls on Tuesday night, knit on the way to the dentist on Wednesday (but not on the way back which speaks volumes), knit to work and back on Thursday and Friday, abandoned for a wedding on Saturday, and finished on Sunday.
September 164
These socks have seen courtrooms, waiting rooms and tea rooms and seem none the worse for it.
September 161
They have even seen a very unusual car:
September 142
An orange car; part of a parade of unusual cars lined up in the park on Sunday.

September 151

I keep saying that each new pair of socks is my new favourite pattern but it’s true – this is definitely a pattern that I will repeat. What I really love is the way that it looks all innocent, a slightly bumpy ribbed sock,

September 102

and then you spread the sock around your foot and you get this:
September 168