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Knitting? I do that!


Spinning is now firmly established as part of my daily life. One of these days I’ll just be too busy with all of the crafty things to remember to go to work – oh, wait, maybe that’s why I was a bit late the other day – oops – too much ravelry at breakfast.

I am though at heart still a knitter first and foremost and there’s very little that a knitter can do when the yarn calls, but cast on. An eagerly anticipated parcel arrived from Socktopus on Saturday (does anyone else notice that Alice is turning out to be a most wonderful enabler!) with the fifth sock parcel. I can’t believe it’s the fifth sock already. I’ve signed up again for next year because (a) it’s been brilliant and (b) otherwise I’d be terribly sad at it ending. Oh and (c) H really likes the shiny parcels.

Before I got further:
If you are in the Socktopus Club and want to keep it a surprise then move along. Come back tomorrow or maybe Wednesday.

Right then, just us left? Look-see:

September 066

Toe-up Hopscotch Socks in yarn that is mushrooms and clouds and sunsets and green leaves all at once. It is more muted than anything that I ever pick for myself, being queen of the bright colours, but it is just gorgeous; and very soothing to look it.

It lasted about 5 or 6 hours in my home before I wound it up.

The little box is my most favourite bell and whistle yet. It opens out to become:

September 068
More little boxes – it’s almost as good as a tardis. And inside the little boxes there were:
September 069
A thread cutter, a plastic sewing up needle, post it notes, a harmony cable needle which is nice and short and has cunning little grooves in it to hold the stitches without stabbing your hand, blue marking tape, little stitch marker elastics and coil-less safety pins. I’ve added a little tape measure from my work sewing kit and it is my constant companion on my many train trips.

But enough of this, I know what you really want to see:

September 099

The first few inches of sock. Mesmerising, engaging cables with lots of lovely plain rounds in between – you can’t ask for more.

All that train knitting does mean that I get a fair few socks done and so I have finished each of my socktopus socks before the next one arrives, and so I got badges:

September 078

I feel that I need a sash to put them on (although in my day it was the sleeve(s) of your tunic), preferably with a slightly tatty name tape that says 1st Warwickshire Knitters, and an embroidered picture of the bear and crooked staff that’s slightly skewiff.

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m going on about try here and here. In the interests of full disclosure I should tell you that I had the Northamptonshire Tudor Rose on my sleeve. I was an Imp. Clearly nothing very much has changed, and I’m still a sucker for badges.