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The return of Bigfoot


What is the crucial difference between this photo (exhibit A):
September 051

And this photo (exhibit B):
September 050

Could it be that exhibit A is a delightful, feminine, pastel shade and exhibit B is a more rousing, rugged, masculine blue and brown?


Could it be that exhibit A is knit into a flowing droplet pattern, reminiscent of boiled sweets or fat dew drops sliding down leaves and exhibit B is plain vanilla?


Could it be that exhibit A is a smaller sock, well suited to a ladies step and exhibit B is knit for the foot that covers vast distances with sturdy strides?


Exhibit B has a small ball of yarn still attached to the sock, enough to finish the foot and tie the socks to the recipients foot should he desire. Exhibit A – sob – has none.

This is the medium size of the fourth Rockin Sock Club pattern, knit on the needles recommended to an only slightly looser gauge and I’ve run out of yarn with most of the toe still to go. If I’d made it over the top of the toe I would fill in with some leftovers from the stash but anything else here is going to be really noticeable.

I have a cunning plan though – the yarn arrived with a choice of patterns – gumdrops socks or sweet tart anklets so if I ordered another skein I could finish these socks and make the sweet tart socks – possibly to be a Christmas or birthday gift if I was really organised.

One of the real benefits of sock clubs is that you learn new techniques and different options to use on your everyday socks. This latest RSC pattern introduced me to the garter stitch heel and toe and I love it:
September 036
The reason for it here is that it makes the heel and toe reversible to match the socks but it also makes the heel plumper,
September 039

and means that you can do short row heels without needing to pick up the wraps.
September 037

Consultation with H late on Friday night had established that he didn’t want any fussy patterns on this pair of socks, just nice ordinary socks, and that fitted with my plan to have something to knit at Iknit that would work on autopilot. My autopilot does like a little excitement so I tried out another garter st short row heel; and it worked. Again (why this should surprise me I really don’t know).
September 045

It makes for a beautiful squishy sock and if anyone is interested I’ll write up a mini how to, in terms of calculating numbers etc.

September 047
Now then, the important question – if a little something else falls into my basket while I am buying the yarn to finish off the gumdrops socks, would that really be so bad? It might be considered compensation for having unfinished socks in the house!