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August 2008

We’re back


We now resume our regular transmission (again). I’m back from York where I went to see racing but ended up seeing puddles. I had a couple of legitimate meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday and were supposed to be gambling away our life savings on Wednesday afternoon but alas we went on a scavenger pub crawl instead – we went to the Golden Fleece and drank Black Sheep so it was almost yarn-related. I came back today and I’m tired. I wasn’t even that late to bed last night but some of the guys made it through til 4am and one was up for breakfast at 7.45!

Posy is a back, rather than is back. And here she is.
August 092
Exciting taking pictures of stst backs isn’t it!
August 096
This shot shows the colour well and gives you an idea of the texture; the yarn is almost a very thin cotton roving with a much thinner cotton strand (think sewing cotton) twisted round it. It all works to keep the yarn nice and soft for what is essentially aran weight cotton but it doesn’t half cause trouble when you’re counting the stitches!

I started the front this evening (many butterflies of yarn flying around) and we’re now at two days and counting – the clock is ticking and I will be knitting.

Finally I would like to direct you to my sidebar where you can see my Ravelympic medal and medal-winner’s flowers. The medal ceremony was a rousing success. As I stood on the podium, grinning from ear to ear and trying not to let a little tear of joy well up in my eye,I was presented with my flowers with the official words of praise:

Congratulations on a successful challenge accomplished with effortless grace! Please accept this Ravatar bouquet from the beautiful Bobicii Nereids for a job well done

I then had only the briefest chance to gulp back my joy and blush gently and with appropriate modesty as our president of the International Ravelympic committee, Adonis Dionysius Bobicus Maximus, approached to present me with the finishers medal. And as the weight of the medal came to rest on my neck, the first rousing chords of the International Ravelympic anthem could be heard and the combined flags of Great Britain and the dominion of Scoktopus climbed into the windswept sky. Raucous applause and cheering erupted from the stands and chocolate bars sailed from the crown for we are Ravelympians and we have conquered all.


Victory Lap


I wasn’t quite sure what to call this post. It isn’t the medal ceremony as that won’t happen until the end of the games when everyone has finished so here is my chance to wave my Union Jack and Team Socktopus banner and show you what I can do.

Here is Ether:
August 076

Knit from Rowan Damask in Mica using the size small widthways and the size XL lengthways. It’s an odd combination but it works.

The ties are crochet chains with the odd crochet slub and these pretty little leaves on the end.
August 085
Started 1pm BST Friday 8 August 2008. Finished midnight BST Sunday 17 August 2008. Phew.

Damask is a really unusual yarn in that it has a far higher acrylic content than I usually tolerate but somehow it works really well. It is very splitty and knotty in that annoying way when two of the three plies as split and been knotted but not the third. I found trimming down the fluff around and knot and carrying on as usual was the best way to deal with it and there was one ball in particular where I seemed to be sorting out knots every metre. I used about 8 1/2 balls so the yarn estimates are pretty generous for this project as the small called for 9 balls and I added quite a bit of extra length.

The other thing that surprised me was how warm the finished top is. I think it will soften up and relax a bit as I wash and wear but at the moment it is warm and give the occasional little prickle. I think I’ll wear a vest underneath if I’m wearing it for dress-down Fridays at work as it’s just on that borderline of nice neckline – slutty top – it depends how well I manage to tie it up!

And finally – the Rowan Catalogue pose:
August 079
She didn’t look so cheerful though, I must work harder on my vacant expression for next time.

Now we all know that the closing ceremonies aren’t until Sunday and I can’t just be sitting around knitting gently on some WIP – it isn’t in the spirit of the games. So may I introduce Posy:
August 090
Or rather, 10 rows of Posy.

Posy is a tank top with a flower from the Mission Falls Illustrator booklet. It has a back, a front, some seaming and finishing of neckbands and armholes – anyone think I can finish by Sunday?



The BT man has been and gone and we are now linked back to the world – it turned out that the cable just outside the house had frayed (those crucial few inches that stopped it being our £200 problem and made it entirely BT’s fault – phew). We have had a little move around as well and H’s office is now entirely his and we’ve moved my computer up to my sewing room which will be really handy when I want to look at a technique or something to copy on my sewing machine – should save paper too.

Once I’ve had a tidy up and sort out I’ll be able to show you pictures of my new crafty space.

Anyway – all this enforced separation from the computer has led to a lot of knitting and watching Olympics (and yes we have done a couple more early starts!)

I now have:

August 037
a back
August 038
a left front
August 039
a right front
August 040
and sleeves!

The sleeves are sewn in and the ends are darned in.

Oh, and I have 5 inches of edging which I knit on the train this morning.

Did I mention that this could be the most boring thing to photograph that I have ever knit – it’s cream and gold and thick and thin and wonderful in real life but utterly flat in photos – particularly when it’s first thing in the morning and the light hasn’t come round far enough for decent photos.

To finished my Sweater Sprint I have to:

– knit two sleeve edgings, a hem edging and a neckband and sew them all on.
– join the side seams and remember to leave a gap in the right hand side seam for the tie to come through.
– make the belt which involves knitted leaves and some crochet that I don’t really understand although the starting instruction is just make a really long chain so that I can do – the rest I’ll figure out when we come to it.

All this means that I am having trouble choosing between going to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC tomorrow or staying home and knitting edging – only time (and the length of edging I knit tonight) will tell!



Our phone line has gone pfut – no main phone time, no internet – Sky is still working which I really don’t understand so I’m catching a minute in lunch to play with the world of The Internets.

Many lovely things, including ravelry are sadly blocked so it doesn’t take that long! Anyway, the man from BT is coming tomorrow (at some point between 8am and 1pm!) so I should be reunited with the world as of tomorrow night (phew – I think I might just make it).

So this:

Is all I can show you of my Olympic progress. Exactly nada.

I finished the back on Sunday and started on the left front and took it on the train on Monday. H then had this ‘good idea’ that we could go to bed early on Monday, wake up at 3am and watch the swimming and then go back to bed again. So I am pleased to announce that I finished the left front and 3-needle-cast-off-ed it to the back while watching Michael Phelps get yet another medal – he seemed pretty pleased about it.

I’m into the front shaping on the right front as we speak which leaves only the two little sleeves (seriously, 12 rows before I start the sleeve cap shaping) and a whole lot of edging band to knit. If I finish the right front tonight and knit a sleeve a day for Thursday and Friday it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I will finish this top this weekend (although please note that I am not promising anything – please nice universe don’t come and bite me for saying that!). If I do finish early I clearly overestimated how long it takes me to knit a sweater (even a short-sleeved one) which gives me something to think about for next time. I also have a back up plan, but more on that later.

In other unrelated news I am reliably informed that Peggy is very attached to Honeysuckle. Photos also reveal that she is an exceptionally cute 2 year old and has acquired the eyes and golden curls of my father’s family in early youth – but I’m biased!