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Run and hide


There are socks on the loose in the Royal Mail between here and Scotland – they look like this:
August 112

scary bright colours no?

These are the second half of H’s brother Tophy’s birthday present. His birthday was in May and I choose a muted blue/purple/brown stripe for his birthday socks (these ones). He is a conservative dresser whose favourite colour is brown, closely followed by blue so they hit the mark.

As the second half of his present he asked for another pair of socks (his wife doesn’t knit and I think he is a little envious of H’s collection) so we took him to Web of Wool to choose and I promise you, on the longevity of my DPNs, this is the colour he choose.

To say I was taken aback is to say that Team GB had a minor success in Beijing (yes I know, Olympics on the brain). Anyway, I asked him whether that was what he really wanted. He said yes. His wife asked him whether it was really what he wanted. He said yes. H came in and baulked at the colour. He raised an eyebrow at Tophy and Toph declared that he would really like socks in this yarn.

And so he has, nice plain stripy socks knit on 2.5mm DPNs in Regia Stretch colour Neon Electra (or as I would put it, Highlighter Bonanza). When I got to the second sock I thought that for once in my life I had two balls of yarn that started in the same place. As it turned out, I didn’t but the difference between where I was and where I thought I was is pretty tiny – here’s your challenge – can you spot the difference?
August 113August 114

Tophy works in a hospital in Scotland so if you’re in a hospital and you think you’ve just started some really bad hallucinations don’t worry, it isn’t the drugs!

Hmm, the evening is before me and H is on a business trip. Will I (a) tidy and clean the house, do some laundry, iron some clothes, or (b) take the yarn I have been piling up on my desk while I write this post and cast on a little mitten for a baby and a little mitten for me?