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C’est finis, It is finished, I don’t know any Chinese


One wrap top, one tank top, oh and this much sock (but not counting):

August 111
And the games are over.

I’ve been glued to the Olympics on the tv and glued to the Ravelympics in my hands throughout the last two weeks and I can honestly say that I’m sad to see it go. Not least because there’s nothing good to watch on the telly now.

The Closing ceremony was billed as being more low key than the Opening. Clearly low key Beijing style means something different to the rest of us but it was brilliant because of it. The 8mins of London’s taster (horribly hyped in the press with all secrets given away beforehand) was great; I was really worried that it would make me wince and just be too keen and catering to the youf of today and not the essence of a Brit but I think they got it spot on. I also like the 2012 logo a lot more in Union Jack colours – I’m not wild about the neon colours. So roll on the next 4 years and we’ll all be in East London celebrating.

So, highlights:

  • Phelps’ 8 medals, particularly the one he won by 1 hundredth of a second – it was amazing
  • Usain Bolt’s 3 medals – that man cracks me up – he has so much fun running
  • 4th Place – need we say more?
  • Random sports I didn’t know about – Rhythmic Gymnastics, strangely addictive

And the not so great:

  • The British track team’s curious inability to hold onto a baton. Yes I know it was raining but dudes you come from Britain, it rains here, I can’t believe it never rained on a training day.
  • The Cuban Taikwondo player kicking the referee in the head – ouch
  • The rather subjective judging in the fighting sports – overturned once, dubious on a number of occasions.

And now it’s all over for another four years – I’ll have to start learning winter Olympic sports in preparation for 2010!