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When I started Posy on Monday I queried whether I’d finish before the torch went out on Sunday. My good friend Mandy was having nothing of Sunday night and confidently predicted Saturday night. My dear, I am afraid you were wrong.

I finished Posy this morning.
August 100

Incidentally had I not been away for most of this week, missing out on two days worth of commute and Tuesday knit night it might have been a lot sooner!

So here we have medal number 2, this time in the Vest Vault, the Posy Vault from the Mission Falls Illustrator booklet by Mags Kandis. I changed the Lichen to Sky (403) and kept the Wintergreen (302) and Pebble (103) the same. This top is everything I wanted it to be, the Mission Falls Cotton is spun in a way that lets the softness of the cotton come through and the twist gives the yarn a little ‘crunch’ and slightly nubbly texture. I finished this morning and I was sad to see it done. I also really want a sweater in this yarn at some point – actually I could put arms on the tank, or something like that.

I knit the medium size with the long (and extra long) length. It only really added 2 more rows but it has turned out the length I like for this type of top so smiles all round.
August 104

(when I look at that photo I can’t help thinking How long am I? Yes I know I should have realised already!)

The delicious irony is that I had a really hard time deciding which of my two Olympic projects was going to be the Olympic project – I’m really glad I got to do both!

Oh, and my artistic director asked for flamboyant!
August 109

I’ve just cast on a pair of socks for Tophy in some seriously retina-searing yarn- it is very wrong of me to think that if I stayed up all night I could knit the pair by tomorrow night and have a third medal? Perhaps that’s just greedy!

And on an unrelated side note, a new discovery- his and hers magazines!
August 097

Mine is clearly Craft which I picked up in Borders in Birmingham although they had some in WHSmiths in Leamington – it has lots of articles as well as fun projects – making a kite, and pocket loom and how to make Ice Lolly moulds of your very own.

H’s was on the shelf below. I usually buy him art magazines but he mentioned the other day that he fancied having some electronics “just to play with” so when I saw the cover instructions for a Spy car and spy sunglasses I knew we were onto a winner. A trip for ingredients is planned shortly!