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Victory Lap


I wasn’t quite sure what to call this post. It isn’t the medal ceremony as that won’t happen until the end of the games when everyone has finished so here is my chance to wave my Union Jack and Team Socktopus banner and show you what I can do.

Here is Ether:
August 076

Knit from Rowan Damask in Mica using the size small widthways and the size XL lengthways. It’s an odd combination but it works.

The ties are crochet chains with the odd crochet slub and these pretty little leaves on the end.
August 085
Started 1pm BST Friday 8 August 2008. Finished midnight BST Sunday 17 August 2008. Phew.

Damask is a really unusual yarn in that it has a far higher acrylic content than I usually tolerate but somehow it works really well. It is very splitty and knotty in that annoying way when two of the three plies as split and been knotted but not the third. I found trimming down the fluff around and knot and carrying on as usual was the best way to deal with it and there was one ball in particular where I seemed to be sorting out knots every metre. I used about 8 1/2 balls so the yarn estimates are pretty generous for this project as the small called for 9 balls and I added quite a bit of extra length.

The other thing that surprised me was how warm the finished top is. I think it will soften up and relax a bit as I wash and wear but at the moment it is warm and give the occasional little prickle. I think I’ll wear a vest underneath if I’m wearing it for dress-down Fridays at work as it’s just on that borderline of nice neckline – slutty top – it depends how well I manage to tie it up!

And finally – the Rowan Catalogue pose:
August 079
She didn’t look so cheerful though, I must work harder on my vacant expression for next time.

Now we all know that the closing ceremonies aren’t until Sunday and I can’t just be sitting around knitting gently on some WIP – it isn’t in the spirit of the games. So may I introduce Posy:
August 090
Or rather, 10 rows of Posy.

Posy is a tank top with a flower from the Mission Falls Illustrator booklet. It has a back, a front, some seaming and finishing of neckbands and armholes – anyone think I can finish by Sunday?