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Our phone line has gone pfut – no main phone time, no internet – Sky is still working which I really don’t understand so I’m catching a minute in lunch to play with the world of The Internets.

Many lovely things, including ravelry are sadly blocked so it doesn’t take that long! Anyway, the man from BT is coming tomorrow (at some point between 8am and 1pm!) so I should be reunited with the world as of tomorrow night (phew – I think I might just make it).

So this:

Is all I can show you of my Olympic progress. Exactly nada.

I finished the back on Sunday and started on the left front and took it on the train on Monday. H then had this ‘good idea’ that we could go to bed early on Monday, wake up at 3am and watch the swimming and then go back to bed again. So I am pleased to announce that I finished the left front and 3-needle-cast-off-ed it to the back while watching Michael Phelps get yet another medal – he seemed pretty pleased about it.

I’m into the front shaping on the right front as we speak which leaves only the two little sleeves (seriously, 12 rows before I start the sleeve cap shaping) and a whole lot of edging band to knit. If I finish the right front tonight and knit a sleeve a day for Thursday and Friday it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I will finish this top this weekend (although please note that I am not promising anything – please nice universe don’t come and bite me for saying that!). If I do finish early I clearly overestimated how long it takes me to knit a sweater (even a short-sleeved one) which gives me something to think about for next time. I also have a back up plan, but more on that later.

In other unrelated news I am reliably informed that Peggy is very attached to Honeysuckle. Photos also reveal that she is an exceptionally cute 2 year old and has acquired the eyes and golden curls of my father’s family in early youth – but I’m biased!