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Olympic Days


I think I’ve got my days muddled. I think the opening ceremony was on Day 0 and then Saturday was Day 1 and today (which included a stunningly brilliant gold-medal winning cycle ride for Team GB) was Day 2. I think that’s right.

Anyway Day yesterday and Day today’s knitting has been good. I have finished the back:
August 028

and made a good inroad into the left front. As it is stst the whole way and a very fluid fabric it isn’t the most exciting thing to photograph but hopefully I get credit for trying.
August 035

August 030

Lots of flowers anyway. I’m now into the 4th ball of 10 so I think I’m on track. If I can finish both fronts this week then the sleeves are tiny and I’ll just have to knit miles of edging and sew the whole thing together (and hope it fits!).

So as I have very little to talk about knitting wise here is the news from today’s Beijing Jamboree tv coverage:

– In the 4 x 100 relay heats the American team (their team B) got a new world record and they weren’t the only ones under the old record time. The British team shaved I think 3 seconds off their British and Commonwealth record – it was very exciting and the BBC commentators said they were scared by how fast everyone was going.

– Matthew Pinsent did an mini-tour around the Team GB part of the Athletes Village – the quartermasters have a secret stash of champagne which they put on ice for the medal winners when they get home – how sweet is that. I was also surprised to learn that the teams have to kit out their flats themselves, Team GB brought sofas and inspiring pictures for the walls!

– Lots of people fell off apparatus in the gymnastics but as my gymnastics extends only as far as forward and backward rolls I really can’t comment! Actually once I got a badge for doing a tucked headstand. I was 6. It hasn’t happened again.

– Did I mention that Team GB won a medal?