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And they’re off


Ravelympics Day1: from our special correspondent

Day 1 got off to a promising start for our competitor. Having proudly completed a circuit of the Bob Arena in the opening ceremonies she proceeded to her starting point, a bench in the churchyard and at 1pm UK time the games commenced:
August 025

Our athlete discovered that it is quite hard to photograph a small watch in brilliant sunshine.
August 026

And off she went, bravely completing the cast on before being called away by those in charge of ensuring her handicap – known as THE OFFICE, and also escaping from an old man who gave her a bible leaflet and said “Vanity, Vanity springs to mind.” When asked whether this word sprung to mind in connection with our athlete he assured her that he meant skateboarders, people who go downhill on skis and those para-flying people. Your special correspondent assures you that our athlete possesses none of those talents as her balance isn’t very good and she tends to fall over.

When finally released by THE OFFICE our athlete assumed a serious competitive position and, entertained by a wee jamboree in Beijing she produced this:
August 027
Our day 1 report concludes.

On a side note the wee jamboree was pretty amazing. I loved the drummers and the print boxes that went up and down with people in but best of all was the footprint podium and the torch lighting. Good Luck the real Team GB!