To a firebird

Hale to thee, blithe spirit

Bird thou never wert

That from Heaven or near it

Pourest thy full heart

in profuse strains of unpremeditated art

(Percy Shelley)

July 078

The bird is taking flight. In this picture we have almost all of the tail feathers and at the moment I’ve just started the body (after an surprisingly hard time trying to decide which precise part of my ankle bone I should be measuring from to get the length right). There has been much debate from those who have gone before trying to decide whether to use the moss stitch or diagonal basketweave stitch – at the moment I’ve gone for the basketweave because it’s new and different. I’m doing the large size and my gauge is a smidgen on the loose side so I’m hoping it will all pan out – plus a lifetime of giving commercial socks a good yank over the ankle means I’m not broken hearted if I can’t pull it on with a little finger! Whether I can manage the intricacies of basketweave if of course an entirely separate question.

For the moment than I shall knit on, amidst the soothing scent of beautiful sweet peas

July 075

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  • Caroline M 17/07/2008 at 7:55 am

    I thought that the basketweave was worth the effort although I had to have a test run with bigger yarn and needles until I’d got the hang of it. (The long stitch from the previous row always goes to the back on the next row)

    I did the large and added a bit of calf shaping and I tweaked the heel too.

    Did you swap the courgettes for flowers this year?