Stars shining bright


It’s been a while longer than I thought – blame the sunny weather and a hectic schedule! Picking up where we left off, I believe I promised pictures of my newly planted garden and after a number of false starts and smudgy photos taken too early in the morning, here we are:
July 106

July 104

July 103
July 098

There has also been knitting – I finished the knitting part of the Firebirds on Friday
July 108

And now I’m onto the embroidery part (which is taking a lot longer than you would think). I’ve found it best to put the sock on the blocker to get a bit of stretch on the fabric but as my feet are slightly larger than the blocker it’s an inexact science. What I can say is that despite all the effort it makes a huge difference, but I’ll save the pictures until I have a finished pair!

When not melting in the wonderful warmth this weekend I have been picking up on my Star quilt-along. Amanda-Jean published the last star this week and I realised that I’d run out of steam at star 6. So on Saturday as H headed off for a boys golf game I set up my sewing room.

I have decided that when I’m grown up I’m going to have a house with a wide veranda with power sockets so I can sew on the veranda and also I’m going to have a cutting table at the right height – my desk is officially too low (creak).

Several hours of sewing later (and very early this morning) all the stars were finished and it now looks like this:
July 110

As you can see I have another 6 setting squares to sew plus sashing and then the whole quilting issue. I know you’ll say ‘famous last words’ if I claim that I am aiming to sew one quilt at a time but it’s true – I’ve got until Christmas to finish this one at which point we’re going on a long distance fabric shopping trip for the next one (and yes I have chosen it already – it’s here but that’s not a very good picture. I also admit that if we go to the NEC festival of quilts in August I may slip up!)

Anyway, having finished the stars it seems only proper to allow them to parade. So, in week order we have:
July 120
Week1 – I don’t know what this star’s called but it’s pretty
July 125
Week 2 – again no name
(well there should be a picture here but it seems I forgot to take one. Imagine one for me please 🙂)
Week 3 – the Ohio Star – I’m guessing that’s a big clue as to where that block originated!
July 113
Week 4 – Sarah’s Choice – who was Sarah and what did she choose?
July 121
Week 5 – Another no-name but I’m going to call it nightmare – this is the one that had a do-over because the first effort was so atrocious.
July 124
Week 6 – Aunt Addie’s – another mysterious name, I’m going to have to get a book on quilt history to find out where the names come from.
July 123
Week 7 – Star of Hope a variation on the Ohio Star and the first of yesterday’s marathon effort
July 119
Week 8 – the Maple Star
July 117
Week 9 – Optical Sawtooth
July 114
Week 10 – Martha Washington Star – named for the first First Lady of the USA, although wikipedia fails to mention whether she invented it herself. I love the pinwheel in the middle and this is probably one of my favourites.
July 116
Week 11 – the Amish Star
July 115
Week 12 – the Indian Star

and finally
July 122

Week 13 – appropriately named Right Hand of Friendship

I’ve really enjoyed this quilt-along and I think my technique has been steadily improving. The blocks aren’t all the same size but I’ll play with the sashing until it’s all right and we’ll take it from there!

Twinkle twinkle and goodnight

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  • Kay 28/07/2008 at 3:56 am

    The socks are spectacular, I really like the quilt colors, and your garden is lovely. You are a busy gal!

  • mandycharlie 28/07/2008 at 9:06 am

    Wow. I love reading your blog, especially when you put in piccies of your Very Beautiful work.

    Your garden is looking beautiful, your socks devine and the quilt, well, it took my breath away.

    I had a quick peek at your next quilting project and I love it Carie, its complete gorgeousness and I will look on with great interest whilst you create that wonderful masterpiece.

  • castingaway 28/07/2008 at 7:04 pm

    So its been a nice warm summer for you guys? My friend, the one that lived in Wilmslow, will think that is just so typical! The last 2 years while she was there were some of the coolest summers. Or maybe that was just her take on it.

    All of your work, including the garden, is gorgeous!

  • Frieda 03/08/2008 at 10:13 pm

    I love all your blocks. I finally finished mine, now just to put together.