Puppy Power


In a few weeks time the baby girl of the family, Peggy to you and me, turns two. I’m a big fan of handmade gifts, and not just because I like making them so much, mainly it’s because that way Peggy will have something that none of her friends have, something that can be copied but not replicated, and something that, in a really quite small extended family, says that we cherish her as the start of the next generation.

So I made her a puppy:

July 085

This is the wonderful pattern from McCalls Scrap Quilts – a magazine I picked up on a whim and discovered I loved every quilt in it! The squares are 2 1/2 inch precut charms packs bought from Cotton Patch (two yellow and one brights for this chap).
Now the pink scottie was called Radley because he was supposed to be the dog off the Radley bags and went to a girl with a bit of a thing for everything Radley. This one I’m having a bit of trouble naming so please let me know what you’d call him/her. I’m contemplating Sunshine, Smudge or Spice.

Having said that the whole point of handmade gifts was that they were unique, I do have a slight confession:
July 081
July 080
Currently laid out on the lounge floor. This is for Peggy’s cousin, for his first birthday, in October. His real name is very unusual and doesn’t give itself easily to a blog alias so I’m falling back on a bit of heritage, and to you and me he shall be Carey – it means ‘the loved one’ in most of the Celtic languages. Carey’s puppy is going to be an action puppy – hence all the green – perfect for hiding in sparkly multicoloured grass

As with Peggy’s puppy I’ll embroider the eyes , rather than add a button – it looks just as good, is really tactile and there’s no chance of Peggy or Carey chewing it off. Hopefully the personality of this completed puppy will suggest some names to me but if anything strikes you let me know.

Ooh – I could call the puppies Peggy and Carey to go with the real Peggy and Carey – what do you think?

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  • mandycharlie 18/07/2008 at 12:49 pm

    I’m getting ‘Twinkle’ for the girl puppy and

    ‘Roots’ for the boy puppy. I think its something to do with him being green and playing with grass and grass roots and knowing your roots.. (as in the family)

    Well you did ask for suggestions! ‘heartily laughing’