Lawyer by day, Gardener by Night


I’ve been missing in action again! Somehow when things get busy or that particular form of stress where you just need to curl up in a corner and hide I curl up in a corner with the knitting and ignore the outside work. Anyway the little hitch that was causing my grief has all been sorted so normal transmission can resume.

I actually don’t have any pictures of knitting (or anything else for that matter) because this evening we have been planting up the garden. We went to visit H’s parents at the weekend and they live near a fuchsia specialist who is closing down as rising domestic oil prices have eroded his profit margin. He told us he’s going into growing 1/2 pound strawberries (you heard it here first).

Anyway I have a weakness for English Country Garden flowers, which is handy as I have an English country garden and now I have 8 fuchsias, three hardy and the rest in pots to come into the conservatory when it gets cold. We also went to the nursery that supplies bedding plants to town councils in South Yorkshire and they were selling off the leftovers at bargain prices – the plants might have been a little battered when we picked them up but they’re coming on a treat and they are all (6 trays worth) now in the ground, even if planting did happen in the dark – it’ll be a surprise to see what we wake up with!

And now there is mud all down my legs, under my fingernails and a smudge on my nose and forehead so I’m going to have a bath. More pictures of both the garden and one and a half firebird socks to come shortly.

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  • mandycharlie 25/07/2008 at 9:47 am

    1/2 pound strawberries! The mind boggles.

    Gardening in the dark, I can only approve.