In my garden


Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made
By singing: -“Oh, how beautiful!” and sitting in the shade.
~Rudyard Kipling, “The Glory of the Garden”

I can’t say that I’ve been giving the garden much attention this year but we did have a weed-and-plant session a few weeks ago and it seems to be bearing bloom – the lavender that matches so nicely with my new socks being a case in point.

Our roses are in bloom
July 045

July 026

July 018
And I’ve been playing with the camera settings as you see!

But perhaps the best comes from the wild – a cascade of wild scented honeysuckle in the tall hedge – reminds me of home
July 027
July 019

July 029

And what else should I knit in a flower garden, but a shawl named for a flower garden – this is the Hidcote Shawl:

July 004
Or at least, chart 1 of many (10 I think) by Miriam Felton (who also designed Icarus) in Basil coloured Zephyr which H gave me for Christmas. It is beautiful yarn for the pattern but I didn’t quite think through the photo issues – maybe I’ll wrap it round a teddy next time – it’s about that big!

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