The Animals went in two by two – hurrah


A tale of moos and roos!

I am now Very up to date in my Noah’s Ark block of the month!

I finished the cows last night:
June 024

And I love them, I don’t know whether it’s the rainbow or the flower in the mouth but it was this block that sealed the deal for me and I was helpless in its power, tied down by a tangle of coloured threads.

To cap it all, Lynette published month four today – two kangas to match my cows and bunnies and the solitary dove.

I’m embroidering these on 28 hpi evenweave because that’s what was in the cupboard and picking colours that look right, rather than going for precisely what Lynette used – but it’s no worse off for it.

The best thing that I have is my water soluble marking pen:
June 026
Here are the kangas with the marking still in, it’s that turquoise shadow you can see. And then 10 seconds under the tap:
June 028

All gone – this marking was only on the fabric for a couple of hours so it isn’t really a challenge but the cows were marked up for over a week with no ill effect.

I’ve now got another month until the next block comes out but in the meantime I have some quilting, some summer skirts to sew (and a new toy to play with), oh, and some knitting!

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  • Micky 05/06/2008 at 4:49 am

    How adorable!

    Thanks for sharing.