Take Two


Patchwork is a discipline of the three Ps – Precision, Patience and Prozac. I’m working on the first, developing the second pretty quickly and desperately in need of the third.

However, I have had a very successful day at the sewing machine and cutting board, tackling the latest Stars and I have completed the Week 5 star which was giving me so much hassle last week. I still had to sew every seam at least four times and you can probably see the remains of the other threads that I haven’t quite picked up.
June 030

I think the change in fabric has helped too as the very pale blue in the original is quite flimsy and the points of the triangles kept getting pulled round while I was sewing them. This one is the right size and although I may loose a few of the outside points when I sew it up, I’m happy with it.

June 032
Is version one of the Week 6 block. It was only when I took this photo that I notice how totally out the alignment is. I’ve taken it apart and rebuilt it so that all the lines are where they should be. It turned out that this time my technique was correct but my copying of the measurements from AmandaJean was total rubbish!

I’m not far off halfway now – there are 7 more stars and another 6 setting blocks to do before I can start to put it all together so here’s some halfway-ish pictures:
June 034
June 036

June 038
It’s going to be a fantastic size for curling up on the sofa – H came to see it all laid out and his first response was “ooooh, I want one – hang on, I’ve got one”, so I think any idea I may have had that it would be me curled up on the sofa are sadly delusional.

So here are my final Saturday thoughts on quilting (or patchwork really):

1 – I have to concentrate a lot harder than when I’m knitting.
2- Triangles = grrrrrrr
3- I love playing with all the fabrics from my stash
4 -It gets big very quickly
5 – this could get addictive

Watch out for more quilts coming soon! Actually I bought a copy of McCall’s Scrap Quilts magazine the other day and I love just about all of the patterns in there – clearly geometric scrap quilts are my thing!

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  • Necia 08/06/2008 at 4:23 pm

    I love it! It’s totally going to rock! I need to learn patience and precision too. Prozac isn’t strong enough!

  • Rachel 10/06/2008 at 5:50 pm

    That whole lining things up problem is one of the main reasons I don’t think I’ll ever make quilts. I LOVE to paper piece…where you can cut random sizes of fabric, sew on a line already there for you, trim it, and presto…none of that headache of points not lining up!

    But I will say I think your quilt top is looking great…I’m enjoying seeing your blocks take shape!