I can confirm that the unconfirmed reports are now confirmed – H has found something that distracts me from knitting of an evening – he bought me the Lego Indiana Jones game for our Wii.

Now those in the know realise that I am not a computer gamey type of person; I sit and knit and tease the boys and they play Grand Theft Auto or Grand Tourismo or something else involving smashed up cars. I had a brief dalliance with Mario Kart but Indy seems to have hit the right note (I know this because I’ve already done the first six levels and H only gave it to me a week ago – he pre-ordered it as a surprise so I had it the day of the release). I’m claiming the moral high ground of course by saying that it appeals to my logic as a puzzle but it’s really less highbrow and more like the squirrel working out how to get to the bird feeder. Whatever it is I love the tricks and H has given me the strategy guide as a present for the weekend – it’s the thin end of a slippery slope!

There may be another factor of course – these last two weeks I have been stealthily knitting up H’s birthday socks (they look great but you don’t get to see them for another week). I’ve knit on the train, at Tuesday knit night and finished them off this evening as H has gone to a hockey festival for tomorrow. As he knows that (a) I knit socks on the train and (b) I finished the first sock almost a week ago he will not be convinced that my entire week’s progress is 13 rounds of ribbing – even if it is 72 sts! If I’m playing on the Wii he won’t see the knitting and the surprise will be safe. Actually, he’s unlikely to be surprised that it’s socks but I do have more than one skein in the stash with his name on it so it’s a surprise as to which one he gets!

So, some knitting …. but not by me –

June 058
this is my tiny wee sock in the latest round of the tiny wee sock- the theme was summer so this is beautiful dark shady trees under a hot blue sky – can you smell the pine resin yet? It came all the way from Long Beach California from Becka – I love it and it’s going to look great on the Christmas tree!

The photo actually has a very summer theme going on – H’s hockey team decided that their team shirts this year would be straight up Hawaiian shirts (which in case you were wondering are decidedly out of fashion this year). Having scoured Brum for this one (which I found in BHS) – I thought it could at the very least double up as a background for…
June 059
Well you know what this is – another BSJ for a baby due in the middle of June – as far as I know he is still unborn so I’ve got a little time to finish – and a great knitting adventure to knit it on.

Tomorrow (by which I of course mean today) is World Wide Knit in Public Day so I’m going to London on a knitting treasure hunt – watch out for breaking news and far too many pictures later on but for now I’ve leave you with the scent of an English Country Garden:

June 063
June 066

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  • Caroline M 15/06/2008 at 7:45 am

    I’ve promised the IJ game if we pass our music exam so I suppose that I’ll be seeing it shortly. I should confess that I’m in year 2 of Harvest Moon, I have sheep, cows and I’m going to be a daddy soon.