All caught up


I have now finished the birthday knitting. At least, the birthday knitting that has deadlines – the last being this Saturday.

I started with the sock-that-knew-not-what-it-was, until it finally became a Monkey – well they do say third time lucky! That sock looked like this:
June 133

And I finished it on Sunday, fully intending to post on Monday but then time slunk away from me. So now, there are two:
June 142

And if anyone knows what that bush is, please let me know. This is the first year it has flowered and we’re rather pleased.

The socks are for H’s brother’s wife which I think makes her my sister-in-law-in-law. She likes pink and pastelly colours so this should do the trick – it’s Regia 4-ply colour 5025. The trick with this yarn is to make sure that the pattern has good chunks of either knit or purl, otherwise it looks too broken up and it overwhelms the pattern hence the demise of 1 inch of cross cabled rib socks and two inches of mock cable wave socks!

I’ll be popping these in the post tomorrow and hopefully they will arrive safe and sound for Saturday.

I have to admit I was a little peeved on Sunday when I was knitting sock number 1 as neither Belle nor Tophy remembered even H’s birthday on Saturday, let alone the joint birthday, until Beth my MIL rang him twice to tell him to call. No card, no nothing. I don’t mind for me as I’m only the SIL but I mind for H who (a) adores his little brother and (b) is himself very good at remembering birthdays. Anyway, in protest at spending my birthday weekend knitting time on beautiful things the forgetful ones I had a little bout of casting-on-itis:

I only have picture of this:
June 139

Which is the start of the Hidcote Garden shawl.

But there is also the cast on and half a row of a stole in the Colinette version of KSH (birthday yarn from H) and most of a Lizard Ridge block when I realised that I couldn’t knit a lace stole in KSH-alike and watch National Treasure 2.

I’ve also started the latest luscious socks from the Rockin Sock Club – but as it’s 7.48 and we’re supposed to be in a pub 5 miles away at 8 – I’m going to have to dash – as they say in Brum, tata for now!

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  • Caroline M 26/06/2008 at 9:51 am

    I had a year when someone in the family forgot my birthday, no card, no call, no nothing. I’m ashamed to say that it niggles me still. Every year when I open their card I think that at least they remembered this year. I’m amazed thatI can be this immature.

  • mandycharlie 27/06/2008 at 8:19 pm

    Do you think Beth could call my husband, child no.1 and child no.2 at least twice, on the morning of my next birthday.. or even the night before… (slightly girlish grin) it would make me soo happy.

    Life is.. I suppose.

    The Monkey socks are Amazing! I really love them, the colour, the texture, the pattern.. it all works.