H is for Husband


Over the past few years and through 9 years of exposure to me, H has acquired a good deal of knitting lingo and this evening he agreed to put it to the test in “Non-Knitter Mastermind”

Your name: H (not from Steps)
Your specialist subject: being married to a knitter

Our questions start now:

Do you know how to knit?

So will you be knitting your own socks from now then?

What do you mean kind of?
Well when we got married we became one; so if you knit my socks then I knit them. It’s the same way you mow the lawn.

How many pairs of socks is too many?
It’s not possible to have too many socks – keep knitting; you’ve stopped

Do you think I have too much yarn?
No – more yarn, more pretty yarn I want

So can I knit you a sweater?


But what if it was a nice …

How about some mittens?

Which is your favourite of all my knitting?

The Funky Monkey is quite cool – where is my monkey?

I have to order more yarn to make it
Well go on then, order some so that you can make my monkey.

Do you know what frog means?
Ribbit ribbit

How about tink?
Yes – backwards knitting

Is gauge important?
Not to me

In our house, how far away from yarn are you at any one time?
I’m wearing socks, does that answer your question.

And the final question, do you know where all of my yarn is?
Are you sure……..?

In other news it appears that if you start a fire you might just get a Firebird:
May 054
It arrived on Saturday and I couldn’t be happier – I’d really started to worry that the second parcel had gone astray. This yarn
May 055

Is the first parcel for the Flock Sock Club and is a Tsock Tsarina pattern. Needless to say it will not be a travelling sock!

And although the temptation to cast on straight away was pretty high, I’ve started another little something. Last autumn I knit the Argosy scarf with luscious silk yarn that H bought for me in Paris on our wedding anniversary. The yarn was lovely, the pattern was lovely – but the two just didn’t work together – the yarn was too heavy and drapey to hold the pattern and it ended up with the scarf stretching into a thin little strip. So it had to go.

I’ve been eyeing up this shrug from Dream in Colour for a while and this silk is the perfect weight for it. So I did a little internet shopping on Friday night and frogged the scarf. I have to say that Alice amazed me with the speed of delivery on this one – I requested the pattern be sent by e-mail and put in the order late Friday night expecting to get it Monday maybe, what with it being the weekend and all – by the time I’d finished looking at all the pretty things in her shop and gone to check my e-mail it had arrived! Well with auspices like that you just can’t ignore them, so after the yarn had a little dampen and a little rest on my swift I cast on.

At lunchtime today it looked like this:
May 056
And now I’m nearly six repeats through and loving it.

And now for my final question for you – any guesses what this is?

May 053

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  • Kay 19/05/2008 at 3:15 am

    Well, that last item looks like bird seed in suet, but it’s probably something far more gourmet!

    Got a kick out of the DH interview. And your shrug…well, it’s gorgeous!

  • Caroline M 19/05/2008 at 7:35 am

    The fruit is one of those there thingies that I looked at in the shop last week, the outside was that rhubarb colour. I’m glad that the birdie finally flew home, I know that someone’s will probably go astray each time but I’d much rather it be someone that I didn’t know.

    I also believe that it’s not possible for husbands to have too many socks, it’s not as if their feet are going to grow. He does know that he’s not getting Firebird though?

  • mandycharlie 19/05/2008 at 9:16 am

    Its commonly known as a Dragon Fruit. You don’t eat the skin, just the inside. I can’t really remember what they are like. We bought one once, well you have to, don’t you, their just sooo bright! I think it was sweet (but not overly) and faintly fragrent. (in other words, quite bland!)

    I must quiz hubby…. LOL I did enjoy that.

    Will we be seeing Quarterpint on Tuesday?