French Silk is…..?


This is French Silk Pie (well it’s H and a slice of French Silk Pie to be precise. While he did eat a lot of French Silk Pie on our honeymoon he has not yet turned into it, which is a blessing)


This is French Silk, knit in to a soft and cozy little shrug
May 062

This is what happens shortly after my husband encounters French Silk Pie

Happily, as you see, the knitting remains uneaten.
May 063

The shrug is nearly finished, I’m on the second cuff and then I have a little seaming to do and some ribbing around the edge so it should be finished shortly which is great because I can’t wait to wear it – I think this project is a winner and I’m so glad I decided to frog the previous incarnation.

Now then is anyone feeling a little low, perhaps as if they could have done with a bit of sunshine today, needing a little vitamin D boost?

Behold!!! I give you ….. the sock of unquenchable brightness and glow
May 064
I’m really enjoying this Firestarter, it makes me smile whenever I see it.

And now, time for a little something different – on Saturday I paid a visit to Beading Crafty at Hatton Country World (it has a website but it’s under construction) which is a new-to-me beading store and it has pretty things. Oh so pretty things.

It is just possible that a few little bits and bobs came home with me because, as is abundantly clear by now, there isn’t a craft I can resist. The great thing about knitting is that you’ll always need stitch markers, so I get to play with beads:
May 061

These ones:
May 059
are spacers, multi-coloured baubles and the plastic alphabet beads (which I only realised went the wrong way when I got home – oops) and these:
May 060
Are gorgeous bobbly ceramic beads which I fell in love with, together with the silver spacers and coloured glass and plastic beads. The beads are all threaded on Tiger Tail and the ends tucked in which seems to hold them pretty firmly. I see a few more of these in the future!

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  • mandycharlie 21/05/2008 at 11:02 pm

    Wow, you’ve nearly finished your shrug already. I think its very pretty. And am always amazed at how quickly you knit.

    A new shop eh… Oooh.

    They are lovely stitch markers too. I need to mend a broken necklace so they might be just the people to talk to.

  • Kay 21/05/2008 at 11:38 pm

    Love the sock, totally cute markers and DH is pretty cute, too!