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A tiny wee surprise!


Yesterday’s post heralded an envelope of sufficient importance that my lovely husband called me at work:

“There’s an envelope here. It’s from America. I think it’s what you’ve been waiting for.”

It took great fortitude and all the character built by D of E and all those other things you do as a teenager that people in warm dry houses describe as character building to stay at work for the remaining 6 hours and not rush home immediately (or suggest H get on a train with the parcel and meet me for lunch).

When I did make it home just look:
April 087
My tiny wee sock from Marisol who blogs under the wonderful name of Purls just wanna have fun. And with the tiny wee sock as you can see she sent me a tiny wee sock blocker key chain and
April 085

all of this – a lovely card, the tiny wee sock pattern, her blog card and CHOCOLATE!!! As Marisol is several thousand miles and an ocean away I have to send my thank you hug virtually but in all seriousness THANK YOU – I had a grotty day yesterday to finish off a stressful week and that was a wonderful surprise to come home to – above and beyond the swap requirements and I am very grateful.

The yarn is Wolmeisse which I’ve never encountered before but I think I might just be on the start of the slippery slope. The colour is chilli red which I love and the chocolate is red fire. To continue the red theme, I brought the sock to meet a little red in my garden!
April 089
It’s been really great getting to know two new bloggers in this swap, Marisol and Amber so go and say hello to them!