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A recurring theme


It’s the weekend!! Hurray!! – Three guesses what I’ve knitted:
April 074

Yes, no prizes because it is all too obviously another Lizard Ridge square – it seems that this is the perfect wind down knitting; mainly stocking-stitch and just the odd bit of short rows to keep me from falling asleep. This is the ninth square I’ve done from the seventh (I think) ball of Noro and it’s the first duplicate colourway but clearly not a duplicate square.

H thinks that we need to go for a 7×5 blanket to make sure it’s really big enough to curl up under so I am officially over a quarter of the way there. I have now really run out of Noro though – I feel something must be done to fix that 🙂

Speaking of recurring themes I think I may be a fair way towards developing an addiction to Lush bath explosions. Our usual bubble bath is deeply sports orientated and comes described as “muscle soak” so I popped into the Birmingham shop the other day for something a little bit more girly. I got girly. I bought “The Comforter” which looks like a blackcurrant swirl, smells like it and produces huge pink bubbles – it’s wonderful, and as a little freebie the lady in the shop gave me a promotional half a bath ballistic which I think was “Fairy Jasmine” although mine looked more lilac than the website – it smelt divine and was twinkly with purple glitter. As our bath is a delightful shade of avocado we really think purple glitter enhances it!!

Hmm – I think I have to go shopping