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Two feet – Green


Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.

C’est finis! Bare sticks and a bit of string have produced these:
April 071

My Lucky Leafling socks, finished this afternoon on the train home and with the end wounds in at the traffic lights in the car on the way home from the station (I wasn’t driving I promise! and you know there’s no stopping a knitter with an almost finished sock!).

April 068

Yes these
April 067
Are the March socks from the Rockin Sock Club in STR mediumweight. The fit is truly lovely which is partly down to the lovely yarn and partly down to the genius of the Cat Bordhi inspired pattern – we likes it, we loves it, we wants it … oh, hang on, that’s something else.

The other thing truly wonderful is that I got home in the daylight to take pictures – hurrah for Spring -sort-of!

I must admit to you my dear friends that I may perhaps, perchance and possibly have had an ulterior motive for finishing the socks. I am awaiting the arrival of a Firebird and as it’s already arrived a little bit further north I thought I could tempt it to arrive with the promise of empty needles and a train commute.

Alas no, it was all in vain. Having said that I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the Firebird might need a bit more attention than train knitting offers so I left off looking for the birds in the leaves, went to the stash and found:

April 069
The Ocean!! Gorgeous sea coloured Arucania Ranco from H at Christmas and (more) Cat Bordhi – I’m making the socks at the bottom on the book cover.

(I bet the Firebird arrives tomorrow!)