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The golden rule of comedy is that you should always give your examples in threes, working from the least funny to the most funny. Assuming the same is true for both knitting and weather, I have three of each.

Thursday and Friday of this last week were unseasonably warm – I took my coat to work on Friday more out of habit than anything else and ended up carrying it around with me instead – it was lovely and spring like only slightly tinged by fears that this was actually summer and as good as we’d get. H told me that snow was forecast for Sunday and I double checked the date. Saturday I mentally composed a blog post along the lines of “how crazy are the weather men, they think it’s going to snow and it’s 15 degrees!” (said post never made it due to arrival of siblings come to stay for the weekend).

Sunday…., well it looked a bit like this when we got up:
April 009
April 023

I say got up, what I really mean was I opened the curtains thinking how sunny it was and how nice that we might get to put some clothes on the line to dry, screeched “SNOW!!!” at which point there was the sound of a curtain being hurriedly drawn back in the next room and an answering squeal of “SNOW!!!”.

And two minutes later Zee was outside in her PJs, waterproof and my shoes with me wearing my nightshirt, a cardigan and my high heeled work shoes! We played snowball fights, rolled down the hill and took the time to get dressed all before church. Oh and we made this little fellow!
April 034
The great advantage of snow is that it forms a wonderful backdrop for showing off the latest finished socks:
April 016
Both on the feet and off
April 017
April 018
the disadvantage is that you then have to remove the snow and set the socks to dry on the radiator – perhaps I’d better stick to photographing things in bushes.
April 019

The pattern knits up beautifully but requires concentration – I never quite memorised the pattern repeats so it wasn’t always the best thing for first thing in the morning but I am really pleased with the results – the pattern is clear and visible in this gorgeous multi-colour yarn (it’s Arucania Ranco) and despite my issues over the size of my ankles I don’t think you can tell that the cast-on/cast-off is different unless you look hard.

As a second FO for the day I sewed the buttons on the Blue Jay Baby Surprise – I am reliably informed that the model finds it an elegant fit!
April 038
April 039
The final one of the trio is by far the most impressive and is nothing to do with me – our good friends announced the arrival of their baby son, born at 3.50 this morning (the text message came at 5.15am – thanks for that!) and the BSJ is for him. Happy Birthday new baby!